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Hold down play on the pad until it shuts down.

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How do you turn off your iPod touch?

To turn off your Ipod Touch, look at the top of it and search for a small rectangular-shaped button. Press the button and the Ipod should turn off.

If you jailbreak the iPod touch 3rd generation can you turn it off?

You can turn off the iPod Touch if you jailbreak it.

Can you turn off a iPod touch with itunes?

No, you can only turn it off by either letting it run out of battery, or turning it off via the iPod itself.

What do you do if your iPod won't turn off?

IpodYou restart your ipod. to restart your ipod, you press the center button and the button you usually use to turn off your ipod for at least ten seconds or until you see the apple sign. then you can turn off your ipod.if that doesn't work, go to settings and click reset settings. then try turning it off. When you say Ipod? do you not mean Windows Vista? Eh

How do you turn off a 2003 iPod?

It depends on the iPod model. An iPod Nano should have an off/on switch on the left side on the top of the iPod.

When you try to hold down the button on a ipod touch to turn it on but it dont turn on it says turn off?

if you hit the top button of the ipod touch it will go to sleep,not turn off, you can hit it once to "wake it up" OR while the ipod is on press And Hold the top button to turn it off and the same to turn it on.

How do you lock your ipod touch to stop wifi?

To turn off wifi on an iPod Touch you tap Settings --> wifi --> turn slider to "off"

How do you turn off the apple ipod?

Doesn't it turn off by itself if you leave it alone?

How do you delete music off your iPod Touch?

turn it off

How do you turn your iPod speakers off?

You cannot disable the internal iPod Touch speakers. When you are playing music without the headphones, it will automatically play out loud. Just mute the iPod to temporarily turn then 'off'.

How do you delete apps from your iPod that are waiting?

all you have to do is switch off your ipod then turn it back on.

How do you turn off a iPod?

For the Ipod Nano and the Ipod classic, you just hold the play button down for 5 seconds or so. Do that again to turn it back on.

How do you turn off the ipod multi touch?

You can only have it on standby. Eventually it will turn off after awhile by itself.

What do you do if your iPod frezzes?

turn it off and back on again

How do you turn off an iPod dog?

Yell at it,it worked for me

What to do If your apps don't work?

Turn your iPod off and on

Does the iPod Touch erase everything when you turn it off?


How do you turn a iPod touch off?

Hold down the lock button (on the top left of the Ipod) for 5 seconds, then slide the button at the bottom of the screen to turn off.

How do you get cydia after it completely disappears from your iPod?

You have to turn your device off and then turn it back on

What do you do when your iPod doesn't turn on?

Check the hold button. If hold is on, turn it off. If hold is off and it won't turn on, plug it into the computer, as it may be out of battery power. If you plug it into a computer that is on and the ipod still won't turn on, it is likely that the ipod is broken, you should call apple customer service to discuss repairing or replacing your ipod.

What do you do if your touch screen is frozen on your ipod touch?

you can just turn it off and turn it back on. if that doesn't work, spring for a new ipod

How do you stop a song on the iPod Touch?

Pause the song or turn iPod touch fully off

How can you fix an iPod touch?

Turn it off. Turn it on. See the apple. Do not eat it. ENJOY!!!

How do you turn off an 8gb apple iPod?

you have to hold down the lock key...if its an ipod touch...but if it is a ipod nano i don know...try to charge it then it should turn on! ☺

Why Can't I type on my ipod?

Turn it off then on again:) worked for me!