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How do you turn level doors yellow with a red star on them in Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land?


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Red doors mean that the level is not copletely beaten. There is a hidden switch somewhere in that level, sometimes very hard to find, that will turn it yellow


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go to carrot castle...go to the part the wind is blowing down pick the one on the middle....after that go through all the doors there by breaking the blocks....after should enter a room call your friends and let them push the bomb block go to the chest to get the yellow spray paint

there is a bunch of secret doors that you go into and come out a different door.

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Use the Stopwatch from Captain Crawfish's dream.

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The doors in the prison are accessed one-at-a-time as you enter. The only door that is shut on the island is opened with the Crystal Key. Before you use the stopwatch (from Captain Crawfish's dream) to go through Binary Bard's dream, finish Black Widow's dream and find the Crystal Key on the middle painting that you have to clean.

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press the boxes in the order of the size of their colors on the door (red, green, yellow blue)

The switches needs to be set in this order from bottom left to bottom right. Green, Yellow, Red, Orange (Orange Ball), Yellow, Purple, Red.

The doors in Binary Bard's dream are opening and closing rapidly. You need the Stopwatch device that freezes time. You will find it in Captain Crawfish's dream : take the red key from the top of the door and open the chest on the lower deck. Freeze the doors when they are at their widest. Dodge Merlin the Owl when he keeps you from freezing the door at the right time. Freeze the mechanical mouse and use him as a stepping stone to jump the high wall.

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In Captain Crawfish's dream, you find a stopwatch and a turpentine thing. you use the stop watch to stop the doors and it allows you to get through.then when the rat is by the wall pause time and jump on the rat over the wall.

Doors often refer to journeys or choices though life. So if you cannot close a door, perhaps it means there are things in your life for which you lack closure. Perhaps there are things in your life which you cannot put behind you.

u need to find a yellow door some where in area 1C and 2C i forgot but just find a yellow door, there are 2 or maybe 3 yellow doors around that 2 area so just go to the yellow door that have the word 3C is easy ok .... NOOB

the only way I know of to do this is take out the fuse for your doors locks but when you do that it will keep the interior lights from working because they are on the same fuse it is a yellow 20 amp fuse on or around the left bottom. Look at you fuse diagram if you want to do this.

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