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How do you turn off the perform service light on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?


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you reset it by hitting step until you see "miles remaining to service" then you hold reset button and it will change to 3000


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Perform service on a 2004 Jeep comes on when it is time for an oil change.

A "perform service" light on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited indicates that the vehicle is due for some kind of maintenance. This is likely to be a regular oil change or tune-up.

The perform service light is to let you know when your oil needs to be changed and other fluid levels checked. The milage intervals can be changed in your display.

Press the step button until "0 miles to service" is displayed. Press and hold "reset" until it resets.

you need to drop by auto zone or your jeep dealership and have it hooked to the diog. computer. this will tell you why the light is comming on...hope this helps

Please provide photo of where it says perform service. If no photo is available, and I hope its the same as a 1993 Grand Cherokee, press select, when it says "0 miles to service" please hold the set button. That should do it.

the perform service light on the overhead console is reminding you to change your oil.the system is based on miles driven and not on oil condition.look in owners manual the service interval can be changed and reset easily.usually if you go to independent shops for service the don't reset the reminder

Key on and shut the doors. Press "step" until "0 miles to service" is displayed. Now press and hold "reset" until the mileage resets.

Key on and shut the doors. Press "step" until "0 miles to service" is displayed. Now press and hold "reset" until the mileage resets.

I would suggest taking your Jeep to an auto parts store and have them do a computer check on your Jeep. This way you will know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Key on and shut the doors. Press "step" until "0 miles to service" is displayed. Now press and hold "reset" until the mileage resets.

to reset the service light push the select button on the console until it saya 0 miles left then hold both buttons until it says 3000 miles until service. this should only take approx. 30sec.

I have an 08 Liberty and the procedure is: turn key to on position but do not start engine. Press the gas pedal 3 times to the floor in less than 10 seconds. Turn key to off. Light should be out when you restart. Systems are probably similar on the Cherokee.

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Turn key on until you get dash lights (Don't Start)Now on overhead console computerPress STEP a few times until you see the section that shows zero miles to service and then press and hold RESET On a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo if the "Perform Service" light is in the middle of the dashSimply press the "SET" button until the display shows the "0 miles to service",Then hold the other button below it down until it resets to "3000".Works on various years of Jeeps also ..Pete

The easiest way to reset the 'perform service light' on a 2003 Jeep Cherokee is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. If this does not fix the problem, try turning the key on, but do not start the vehicle. Pump the throttle 3 times and turn the key off. Then start the vehicle. If the light is still on after that, there might still be something wrong with the vehicle.

It means that it is time to get your engine services by a qualified mechanic. Time for an oil change You turn it off by turning the key on, pressing "step" until "0 miles to service" is displayed. The press and hold "reset" until it resets.

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