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Yes, it is possible to protect your hard drive using the lock command. E.g.

Lock sys: on - this will lock your partition Lock sys: off - this will unlock it.

If you wish to lock a drive other than your main partition simply substitute Sys: for the drive name.

I have a question for you: How do you turn ON write protection on your hard drive to begin with? As far as I know you can't. Hard drives were designed to be written on. You can't install an operating system on it without writing to the disk.

The only way to prevent someone from saving something would be through the operating system's security management. Before you can disable what you think is write protection, you need to understand what is protecting it to begin with.

Simple! Click Start Button > Type: Create and format hard disk partitions > Enter > Right click on your drive (the one that's write protected) > Click Offline > Right click again > Click Online. Voila! tnt4real!

Some hard drives have a jumper on them for write protect. You need to check the jumper settings

I just had this issue with one of my external hard drives. It's an internal drive that I installed into an external case and connects to my computer via FireWire. I knew it couldn't be a jumper setting, because the drive has not been removed from the case since it was put in there. I did NOT turn "ON" write protection at any time. I've been writing to this disc with no problems (daily) up until today. I tried copying a file to it, it popped up a message saying that can not write to disk, disk is write protected. I did nothing to cause this. No settings, attributes, etc. After looking around a bit with no luck (not even from here). I tried a couple of my own things. Found I could not change attributes (cause disk is write protected).

I finally unplugged the drive from the firewire port and waited a few minutes. Plugged it back in and let the computer "find" the drive again, and all is well.

The write protect is in your bios. You select "enable" write protect and it will ask you for a password. Note: not all bios versions offer this option.

I'm considering cleaning up my hard drive of all unwanted ware, especially spyware, and then turning on "write protect" for my hard drive to keep the stuff out. I'll be using a flash pen to surf with which can be cleaned much faster than a hard drive full of stuff and zillions of places for things to hide.

The post above said you turn on this feature in the bios. Can you elaborate on this as to how it's done? I have a Thinkpad r40 and can't seem to find anything on how to do it at ibm or Google.

Thanks in advance...

I just had the same thing happen. Hard drive said write protected. Not even a floppy at boot would work. Then I realized when I hit delete for setup, both the hard drive and floppy were flipped to write protect in the bios.

I had the same thing happen to an old P III 800mhz computer; "write protected" message. After reading this I looked in CMOS for a setting for hard drive write protect, I have never heard of this as a bios option (floppy write protect yes, but not harddrive), did NOT find a setting for write protect for either floppy or hard, but I went ahead and did a reset CMOS to optimal setting anyway, booted and all was right with the world!

Thank you for the helpful info. I had tried everything, including fdisk/MBR, cloning to new hard drive, trying to do new install of OS on fresh drive... all failed, thought motherboard or IDE subsystem was hosed. Resetting CMOS WORKED.

If you download Windows SteadyState you have the option to limit who has access to what. You also have the option to lock your HDD. Everything you save will be undone the next time you boot. Here is the link to the download for you.

Just copy and paste that website into your browser. Also this is made by Microsoft and is free.

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Q: How do you turn off write protect on your hard drive?
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Why can't you 'write protect' your hard disk like you can with a floppy disk?

Buy a internal SATA hard drive and an external enclosure like an Antec. Makre sure your motherboard has eSATA capability. This provides all the storage capacity of an internal drive but it sits outside of the case and has a power switch to turn the drive off if you suspect any virus problems.

Do you need a hard drive to download expansions on xbox360?

You do need a hard drive to download expansions, but the system won't turn on if you don't have a hard drive, so if you can turn it on without problems, and can play games then you definitely have a hard drive and you are able to download expansions.

How do you turn off write protect on drive A?

Assuming your drive A is a floppy drive, you turn off write protection on your floppy disk. If there is a square hole in the corner of your floppy disk, move the square plastic cover to close the hole. If the plastic cover is missing, use folded paper or any other material to plug the hole.

How do you restart a hard drive for a PC?

Turn off the computer and turn it back on.

How do you turn off the write protect in GE camera?

cancel button

When a computer is turned off what happens to the data on a Hard Drive?

The data is saved on the hard drive. It is available to access the next time you turn on your computer. The hard drive is a permanent storage device for your computer.

How do you turn off write protection on a blank CD?

There are several ways to turn off write protection on a blank CD, You can either turn off the bios on your system hard-drive for an estimated time. You could also create a format by typing in the command code assigned to the CD on the Start Button.

How do you replace the hard drive on a toshiba p35-s611?

You can access the hard drive from the bottom of the laptop. If you turn the laptop upside down, you'll find the hard drive door under the Toshiba sticker with the laptop serial number. Remove two screws from the hard drive cover and then remove the cover. Slide the hard drive to the right and remove it. Transfer the hard drive bracket to a new hard drive.

My lenova computer won't turn on?

If the computer won't turn on, it may not have enough power to turn on or the hard drive had died.

What role does a hard drive plays on the computer?

The hard drive stores the Operating System. Like for example : Windows XP or Windows Vista or even Windows 7 without the hard drive your computer will not turn on.

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Turn your console off before fitting a hard drive. Todo otherwise would risk damaging your hardward and even the data on the hard drive.

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To remove the hard drive and Xbox 360 one needs to switch off the console. Turn it horizontally, locate the hard drive cover release, slide the release to the front of the console and then pull the tab to release the drive.

Does a hard drive have a motor?

Hi must have a small electric motor to turn the disk

My laptop refuse on?

Your laptop may not turn on because it is out of power or the hard drive has died.

When you disconnect the power supply cord from the hard drive and turn the computer on what error message will you get?

ntldr is missinng press any key to restart happend to me after hard drive fail

How do you run the data on your computer?

Information on a computer is stored in the hard drive. When you turn on your computer it takes information from the hard drive and puts it in the RAM (random access memory). In the RAM information like operating system and programs are run. When you turn off the computer the information in the RAM is either saved back to the hard drive or deleted. (That's the short version)

My lenova yoga won't turn on I keep on clicking on the power button but it won't turn on it has enough power?

If the computer will not turn on, there is not enough power to turn it on or the hard drive had died.

Can you use a computer hard drive and turn it into a Xbox 360 Hard drive?

No. Xbox 360 hard drives are specially made for the console. You'd have to buy another Xbox 360 hard drive. Answer 2: Technically, you COULD open it, and get another Laptop SATA hardrive, and replace it. But i dotnr ecomend it

You have an e-Machine that will not turn on Can the drive be removed and some how hooked up and copied to a different computer?

if you mean the hard drive then yes it can.

Can you turn off a secondary SATA internal hard drive in Windows Vista?

Yes. The SATA internal hard drive in Vista can be turned off, by turning off the feature in system BIOS.

What is the energy transformatio in a computer?

Electrical energy from a power source is converted to mechanical energy to make the hard drive spin which in turn is converted to magnetic energy to store data on the hard drive.

What are the steps to replace an Xbox 360 hard drive?

It depends on if you have a 4gb or a 250gb xbox. The 4gb's internal hard drive is a flash memory system, and can not be removed, but to remove the 250gb's hard drive, you need to: Turn off the console, out it on it's side, On the right side of the console, find the hard drive cover release, slide the release towards the front of the console while pulling it open, insert the hard drive, and replace the cover. You can input a hard drive into a 4gb xbox if that is your question.

How do you unlock dell inspiron 9300 hard drive?

# Turn the computer over, and remove the hard drive screws. # Slide the hard drive out of the computer. # Remove the new drive from its packaging. # Use firm and even pressure to slide the drive into place. If you use excessive force, you may damage the connector. # Slide the hard drive into the bay until it is fully seated. # Replace and tighten the screws. # If the new hard drive is not already pre-imaged, install the operating system and drivers for your computer

What happens if you disconnect the power supply cord to the hard drive?

If you disconnect the power cord to the hard drive, when you turn the computer back on, the hard drive will not be operational. Additionally, if you leave the IDE (or SATA) cable connected when the power cable is disconnected, the system will take longer to POST because it will try to identify the device connected, but it will not be able to. If it is the only hard drive you have in your system, the computer won't boot up because your operating system is on the hard drive.