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How do you turn on automatic updates for Windows XP?

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Press Start -> right click "My Computer" -> Properties -> Automatic updates -> select Automatic and choose a time suitable for you. Press OK.

Your computer will now automatically receive and apply new updates from Microsoft, fixing new security problems and holes.

Easier Method :.

run -> sysdm.cpl -> Automaric Updates -> select Automatic and choose a time suitable for you. Press OK

2011-09-12 22:49:57
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How do you turn automatic updates off in Windows XP?

Stop the "Automatic updates" service.

What offers automatic updates?

windows xp

Does Windows XP offer automatic updates?

yes it does

What OS offers automatic updates?

windows xp

Which windows offer automatic updates?

Windows Xp Windows Vista Windows 7

How can you tell if your computer has automatic updates?

It will usually tell you. Like if you turn it of it will say installing automatic updates. (B.T.W. I am using a Windows XP computer right now)

What operating system offers automatic updates?

Windows XP

What version of windows offers automatic updates?

Windows Xp, Windows Vista, and windows 7

Which is the place where you can check that Windows XP is automatically maintaining updates?

Go to Control Panel --> Automatic Updates.

In Windows XP you should choose the setting for updates?

Automatic Karter is gay

What are the two pieces of information that are required when configuring Automatic Updates for Windows XP?

dunnoo ?

Which two pieces of information are required when configuring Automatic Updates for Windows XP?

day and time

Which notification option for windows XP 's automatic updates automatically scans the computer for updates but doesn't download them?

notify me

What windows xp update allows you to choose the timewhen the update is executed?

To define when Windows updates are applied, click Start -> Control Panel -> Automatic Updates and select either "Automatic (recommended)", "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.", or "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them." If you choose Automatic, you will be able to specify the date and time when Windows will download and then install updates.

How do you install the Windows Service Pack 3?

Windows Service Pack 3 is a service pack that is developed by Microsoft for Windows XP. In order to install it you just need to turn on Automatic Updates on your computer or alternatively download it from the Microsoft website.

Where may a person find information about Windows XP programming updates?

To find out about Windows XP programming updates you will need to visit the Microsoft Windows website. There are many other independent sites with information relating to Windows XP programming updates such as dummies and ehow.

When will Microsoft stop releasing security updates for Windows XP?

Security updates for consumer versions of Windows XP (Home Edition and Professional) are scheduled to be stopped on April 8, 2014. Updates for Windows XP Embedded will end on January 12, 2016.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Windows?

One of the advantages are that it works with most kinds of software and hardware. Windows XP and Vista comes with a Firewall. Automatic Updates come with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Windows XP and Vista could burn files and CD's and DVD's without having burning software. You can download good themes for Windows XP and Vista.

Name two benefits to upgrading to windows xp and explain your answer?

There are no benefits to upgrading to Windows XP. This is because Microsoft has decided that it will no longer support Windows XP. Therefore, Windows XP will not be given automatic updates anymore to stop viruses. It is better in the long run to just get a Windows 8 capable computer because that operating system is the newest on the market.

Which is more secure Windows 98 or Windows XP?

Windows XP. Windows 98 never had a secure design to begin with, and it has received no security updates since 2006. Windows XP is still receiving security updates, and will continue to do so until 2014.

How does a person find information about updates to Windows XP?

One can find information on important Windows XP updates by enabling update alerts within the program. You can also visit the Windows site for more information on updates.

Where can one check for updates for Windows XP?

Generally speaking updates for all Windows products can be found on Microsoft's Windows Update page. Within XP you can select Start - All Programs - Windows Update.

Is it OK to delete old updates of Windows XP?

No. Updates on Windows XP are layered; one update depends on what other updates were installed. Removing one could leave the system in an unusable state.

Are Microsoft Windows XP Professional updates still available?

Security and bugfix updates are still available for download, but no new updates are being made, as Windows XP has reached the end of its support life.

Where can one download updates for Windows XP?

Windows XP can be downloaded with a touch of a button. It is easiest to go directly to Microsoft itself. From there, there is a link to lead to the Windows XP.