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click on the start button on the bottom left hand corner of your the search box, type in webcam.depending on the webcam you have,YouCam webcam should come up in documents.

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Q: How do you turn on built in webcam hp laptop?
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How do you turn on built-in webcam HP 2511x?

The HP 2511x monitor does not have a built in webcam.

How do you turn on built-in hp webcam?

Built in webcam can be used by camera applications. Camera applications create intent for Webcam in it.

Your hp built in webcam is blurry on skype?

Buy a new laptop. Hp is a F*cked company

How do you use the webcam on a HP G72-C55DX?

My HP G72-227wm did not come with a built in webcam. I can only assume that your laptop also came with some software pertaining to a built-in webcam that does not exist. The model does, however have a built in microphone.

How do you find your webcam on your hp laptop?


What is the camera on the hp laptop computer called?


How do you turn on an hp envy with beats built in webcam?

Webcam is built-in on HP Envy 14 Beats. Using instant messengers and their tools for broadcasting video will automatically have the webcam turned on. There are also settings to tweak webcam preferences.

I want a laptop but to be honest i have no clue about anything to do with laptops can anyone help i would preferably like a laptop with a built in webcam?

i would try an hp or an apple macbook pro

Does the hp pavilion laptop zv5000 have a built-in webcam?

No, I have one and it has neither a mic or a webcam. However, it has a mic port and you can buy an external mic and webcam.

How do you turn on HP Truevision HD webcam?

You will need to visit the HP website. There you can put in the specifications of your computer to get an accurate assessment of how to turn on the webcam.

How do you turn on a built in webcam on a hp?

Go to the Start Menu, then go to All Programs. There's a folder (or file) called Cyberlink YouCam. Click on it, and the webcam will automatically come on.

How do you turn webcam on on HP elitebook 8530?

Most HP model laptops are packed with 'HP Webcam' software. If it is not installed please check with your manafacturer's website at: