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Methods may vary depending on equipment fitted,here is method for "car 400"which is a typical vauxhall face off stereo. switch on ign,then switch on the set,diplay should say "safe". Switch off the set,press AS control and keeping it pressed,switch on the set. Keep AS control pressed until a confirmation beep is heard. The display shows "CODE" and then 10------after 3 seconds.This is the number of goes you get at setting the code,after that set is locked. Enter the code using the preset station buttons. i.e. code is 0365 press button 1 once to get 0. press button 2, 4 times for 3. press button 3,7 times to get 6. press button 4,6 times to get 5. confirm by pressing AS button and holding until beep is heard. You should now have some music.Good luck.

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Q: How do you type in your code for the factory fitted head unit my battery went dead on vectra the clock and radio have reset you have your security code but not the instructions for the head unit?
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