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sorry mate you cant for some reason and how do you make the coin emotion on Club Penguin

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Do you get banned forever from cp if you type in numbers?

The big fact is, you can't type numbers in club penguin. You might write "One, two" etc that is no problem. You will not get banned.

How do you enable cp trainer?

you go on filecart then type in cp trainer

Some numbers for game cards in Club Penguin?

Go To CP And Click Get CP Membership And Then Again

How do you say numbers on cp?

You can't, the moderators have safety rules to where you can't type numbers. because you could tell your phone number or anything.. so all you can do is spell them,(: hope that helped!

How you get CP Trainer 2?

You type Cp trainer in google and find the right site :) There you go!

Download cp money maker?

first you type in iwantmoney (if you can talk on cp) then this thing will appear and it will say how much and you type how much and thats how you do it!

How do you download cp traner 5?

DOT do that! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- go to google and type in download cp traner 5 zip.

How do you get cp trainer 2 in clubpenguin?

That's Easy. Type In CP Trainer 2. If It Doesn't Work , It's Not Connected

What type of air masses come in from Canada?

Continental Polar cP

How do you get the tiara on cp treasure book series 13?

Type a code.

How do you type a cross on the computer video?

awnser is get a life and get iff the cp :)

Why did club penguin take away the heart icon and numbers?

Well, CP took away the heart at first because parents were complaining about prevertedness with the hearts. Then they brought them back because of the giant protest that took place on CP. And they took the numbers because people gave out numbers and other info. ~Peanut♥

Where can you download clubpenguin trainer with no surveys?

go to and type cp trainer

How do you say stuff really fast on a tour at cp?

type it really fast!

What is a cheat for Club Penguin?

cp trainerGo to Google and type in cp trainer.Go to download now.Once you download it you have all these really cool hacks on clubpenguinstorm11 .com

On Club Penguin how do you get free coins?

you can type in cp money maker in your search bar or you can use codes just look up cp codes hope this helped

How do you install CP trainer2?

First you type in cptrainer2 and click any one the rest is there

How do you type cp item IDs without getting banned and still get them?

You can get them with cheat engine.

What type of air masses are present around Las Vegas?

Maritime tropical (cp)

Where is test cp on cp?

test it !

How do you get the key cp?

there is no key to cp!

Where can you download cp trainer 5 in clubpenguin?

file cart website type in Google cp trainer 5 filecart and WA-la click download and you've got cp trainer (clubpenguin) but sadly it is illegal and you can get arrested for using it but your the one taking the risk!!!

How do you cp in cp trainer 3?

get penguin strom 11 form cp

Why can't you type numbers?

because the game wasn't designed so that you can type numbers in chat.where you want to type the numbers?

What type of clothing in hidden each month in club penguin?

Any Clothing CP Chooses