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A metal coat hanger with the end bent over to avoid tearing the line. Now just stick that up in the line until i flows clear.

2006-08-06 16:08:43
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Q: How do you unclog the AC condensation drain on a 2002 Ford Explorer?
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Location of condensation drain tube for airconditioning in 2002 Toyota CamryLe?

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Where is coolant drain plug for 2002 Ford Explorer?

Where is the drain for the coolant on the radiator of a 2002 Ford Explorer sport (v6). Thanks.

Where is and how do you unclog the drain for the AC evaporator on a 2002 Town Country Water is soaking the carpet on the right side?

Crawl under the vehicle and find the drain line. Use a unsharpened pencil to unclog the line. Be careful not to put a hole in the line.

How do you unclog the ac condensate drain line of a 2002 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited?

compressed air, or a coathanger pushed up the hose

Where is AC drain line on 2002 Subaru Outback?

The 2002 Subaru air conditioning drain line can be found on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The air conditioning drain line routes condensation to the bottom of the engine compartment.

How do you drain the oil on a 2002 ford explorer?

Use a proper size box-end wrench or socket to remove the oil drain plug

Where is the drain pipe located in liberty sport 2002?

The condensation drain is found under the hood on the firewall at the lowest point of the HVAC box. Many times it can only be seen from underneath the vehicle.

How do you drain your transmission fluid in an 2002 Ford Explorer?

You wouldn't want to do that because starting with the 2002 model Ford Explorer ( four door ) there is no automatic transmission fluid dipstick / dipstick tube that would allow you to put in automatic transmission fluid at home

How do you fix a clogged evaporation drain on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?

Blow compressed air into drain tube or use a coat hanger to clear out tube. Usually leaves, debris, and the occasional spider nest will clog the hole and cause the condensation to collect and then drain onto the passenger floor inside the vehicle. After clearing run the vehicle and turn on a/c on high and on recirc. Watch for condensation to now leak out of the drain tube and onto the ground.

Where is the oil drain on a 2002 harley softail?

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How many speakers does a 2002 explorer have?

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How many valves does the 2002 Ford Explorer have?

The 2002 Ford Explorer has 12 valves.

What size engine does the 2002 Ford Explorer have?

The 2002 Ford Explorer has a V6 engine.

Where can you buy a keyless entry system for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

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What causes wet carpet under dash in 2002 Ford Explorer?

Bad windshield seal?Heater core leaking?A/C evaporator drain plugged?

Ford Explorer 2002 fuel filter location?

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What fuse is the fuel gauge on the 2002 explorer?

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2002 Ford Explorer Sport?

Yes , there was a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport ( 2 door )

What kind of transmission does the 2002 Ford Explorer have?

The 2002 Ford Explorer has a 5-speed manual.

Is the 2002 Ford Explorer electric or gas?

The 2002 Ford Explorer is a gas-powered vehicle.

Will a 2000 explorer xlt v6 fit in a 2002 explorer xlt v6?

Yes. The 2000 explorer xlt v6 will fit in a 2002 explorer xlt v6.

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What is the maximum payload of the 2002 Ford Explorer?

The maximum payload of the 2002 Ford Explorer is 1106 lbs..