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How do you uninstall airbags?


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2015-07-16 18:19:36
2015-07-16 18:19:36

Disconnect battery. Pull Air Bag fuse. Locate special Yellow wiring. Disconnect clip at connector. Unplug connector. Wait 2 minutes before servicing Air Bag. You may need torx bit sockets to disassemble at steering wheel. I wrap a blanket around the steering wheel when putting my head under the column to unplug the harness, just in case. Go to the library and find a manual that covers your vehicle. They all have them. You are disarming the Air Bag not uninstalling.


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There is no vehicle sold from a dealer in the United States that does not have airbags due to the fact that manufacturers are required to install them. Therefore, the only way to find a car in the United States that does not have an airbag is to either uninstall the airbags personally or buy a used car in which they have already been removed.

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No, they do not have airbags

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No, you do not have to buy airbags for your car. The airbags will come automatically when you buy your car.

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airbags on the sides of the doors of the car.

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the airbags in the lungs are for transferring oxygen into the capilliaries

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