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If you write in Google Transformers cheat codes you can find all of them.

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Q: How do you unlock all the cheats on transformers the game?
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How to unlock all transformers?

Beat the game.

What are the cheats for nightfire game?

Under Cheats type in: party to unlock all people magazine to unlock more ammo

What are the cheat codes for transformers the game on PS2?

list of cheats for transformers the game. infinite ammo infinite health all missions gloptimis

Are there cheats for matrix path of neo?

There are cheats you can unlock by playing through the game entirely. Depending on the difficulty of the playthrough, you will unlock more cheats. Playing through the final mission on the highest difficulty will unlock all cheats.

How do you get all cars on transformers autobots ds without AR?

You can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi and earn tokens to unlock cars and cheats.

How do you get Resident Evil 4 the game Unlock All codes?

there are no cheats for resident evil4

How do you unlock characters in ultimate flash sonic?

you start the game and go to cheats and to unlock shadow Amy all the cheats and more type this code , 5953131313131313131 TRUST ME

What are some cheats for smallworlds?

Type "123helloworld" in game to unlock all stuff. it dosent work

How do you get all transformers on transformers the game?

Beat the game. As simple as that.

How do you unlock all the cheats on transformers autobots on the ds?

You can unlock them by either clompleteing story mode, getting a certain amount of wi-fi tokens in allspark wars, or getting 100% completetion. ive completed the game but only 1 cheat has been unlocked

What does the all levels code do on transformers autobots?


What are cheats for SpongeBob's Boating Bash for Nintendo Wii?

Yes, they are: Unlock Everything "PumpkinEater" Unlock all Levels "KeyToTheCity" Unlock all Vehicles "AllFreeRides" Unlock all Career Events "LearnToDRIVE" Unlock All Events "ImReady" Unlock All Game Options "InsideJob" Unlock All Characters "Eeeeevil"

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