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How do you unlock the locations in pets dogz pack?


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August 15, 2011 3:04PM

easy!i unlocked every thing on dogz pack so heres wut u do.first go to the dog park find a dog with a bathing suit then let them play around and stuff bring a couple toys out and let them breed and wen u breed u get a bathing suit and unlock the beach and its the same thing with the snow suit HINT.well on mine the snow suit one is a beagle and hes a boy the one on mine for beach is i think a poodle girl so u need to have a boy and girl dog to breed

oh if u want a german sheperd go to the codes thing and type PYSIC but no caps i just did caps idk y.psworn gets u a space suit dgzpak or with a c i forgot wut it gets u but go on google to c the codes type on serch all the codes for petz dogs pack tht should get u it so have fun at snow field and the beach!if ur a biegener just keep peting ur dog till u get all 3 hearts then it will grow and u go to the main entrance go to front door and go to park or go to the kitchen and go to back door have fun!