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How do you unlock the sealed chamber in Pokemon sapphire?


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you need wailord and relicanth then go there wailord should be in front and relicanth is back


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First put a relicanth in your party first and a waillord last go to the sealed chamber use dig and put the Pokemon in the 2 holes then take them out

You have to get Kyogre and then go to the ciuty it is in and got to the chamber.

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald the Regi Trio can be found in three tomb-like caves throughout the world. To get to them you need to unlock the caves themselves by solving the puzzle in the Sealed Chamber. Each of the caves housing the Regis have their own little puzzle you need to solve to unlock the inner chamber to access the housed Regi.

You have to have a key. Go to Mt. Faraway at 30F and unlock the sealed chamber. There should be a friend bow.

u opn the 1st chamber by rading the stone inscripton and then using dig

You need to solve the puzzle in the Sealed Chamber in order to unlock the areas where the Regis are located. The Sealed Chamber is found by diving on Route 134.

All i know is in sapphire: you go to the middle of and use FLY

you get the three regis on Pokemon sapphire... go to the sealed chamber then unlock them use dig in the front of the first place, and then have a wailord and relicanth with you relicanth first on your party, wailord last, and then go to the front of the other room. regiice is going to be near dewford, regirock will be in the desert, and registeel will be close to fortree.

the sapphire needed to unlock trading to pokemon ruby and sapphire...and you need it to catch mewtwo

Well after you unlock the doors to the chamber, via the Sealed Chamber in Route 134. You have to decipher braille and enter the sealed chamber with a wailord in your first position and a relicanth in last position. It is recommended to weaken Regice and then put it to sleep. Then you can use ultra balls, or if the battle takes a while, you can use timer balls. go to gamecc.com and search Pokemon ruby and you will find it

Yes you can. But only after you unlock all the ilands on fire red.

at the pokeshop put in a code at the counter

beat your dad and wallys dad will give it to you.

A braille chamber is a puzzle which you must solve in order to unlock certain Pokemon, such as Regice, Regirock or Registeel.

You beat the TRAINERS first then the doors unlock and you can go through them ^^

The sealed chamber is only reachable by diving in roue 134 (just West of Pacifidlog Town). Once traveled into the cave, you must use dig to enter the second chamber, which will unlock the caves to reach the three Regi Pokémon.

you will find some grass with an old man in the bushes. Talk to him. he will give you an egg. accept it. it will hatch into a porygon. This is rare. with the up-grade you'll never want to get rid of this extremely rare Pokemon. you can also unlock three legendary Pokemon if you come with a waillord and relicanth.

Go to the burnt building. There is a key on the top floor.

you cant its only in soul silver and heart gold

i think you have to go unlock the 123 islands

You can find Registeel in the Ancient Tomb on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. It can also be found in the Underground Ruins of Pokemon White2. To get Registeel in Pokemon White2 you need to catch or defeat Regirock and use the Iron Key reward to unlock the Iron Chamber containing Registeel.

Yes.Obtain the National Pokedex.Load Pokemon Sapphire into the slot 2 in the DS.Start Pokemon Diamond.On the main menu, select "Migrate from Pokemon Sapphire".Follow the on-screen instructions.Yeah, slot Sapphire into the bottom of the DS, and Diamond into the top. then complete the game and unlock PalPark. You'll be able to transfer pokes over then

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