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Put lots of oil in the cylinder through the spark plug hole, and let it sit overnight.

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Get the model # and click the link I will post.

Depending on the model, 3600 - 4000 rpm top no load speed.

Check wires for insulation cracks. Buy an electronic (solid state) ignition conversion from Stens for $10 and install (instructions come w/kit). This will bypass old and unreliable condensor and point ignition system.

Briggs and Stratton Motor:aluminum cylinder bore compression ring end gap should be no more than .035 inches (.89mm) Oil ring end gap should be no more than .045 inches (1.14mm) Cast iron cylinder bores compression ring end gap should be no more than .030 Inches (.76mm) Oil ring should be no more than .035 inches (.89mm)

Good ballpark HP ranges by series: 525 thru 575 - 3.5 hp 600 thru 675 - 4.5 hp 700 thru 900 - 6.5 hp 1150 - 8 hp 1350 - 9hp 1450 - 10hp 1550 - 11hp These are just estimates by me, the fact is these engines don't HAVE hp ratings. Here is the Briggs and Stratton page that tells you where to look and how to contact them to find out the gross torque or horsepower for your engine. There is also a video explaining the ratings:

Because a 5hp motor does not have enough power to turn a 10hp load.

It all depends on the pullys you have really, the hp only helps how fast you get there or if your even going to get there. The motors rpm range also plays a role.

it has 10hp and 20 damage

I have a JC Penny 531cc Hydrostatic (claimed to be 1974). Photo of an old unrestored is available. But I have many questions on mine as to various lever and their use. My engine is now running well, a single cylinder, vertical stack with horizontal drive. I believe it to be a 10hp Briggs. Any help appreciated and can show where to find pic. with name vis. on the hood cover. Great old machine. Contact dc scheall,,,

i need to know the voltage and if its single phase or three phase

less than 16' and 10hp or less than it doesn't have to be registered.

No way of knowing without much more info.

First of all you will need a mulching blade or blades. These blades have wings that draw the grass back up to be mulched instead of throwing it straight out. Then you will have to block off the open discharge hole. Some models sell a plastic insert just for this. If not, you'll have to make your own. When doing this make sure the blade doesn't hit it when it comes to that area and also make it as round as you can to conform with the rest of the mower otherwise grass will clog in that area.

Probably Tubba Blubba because after defeating his heart he only has 10hp how easy!

Typically single phase motors go up to 10hp. Wouldn't be very efficient at about 100 amps. A 20hp 3 phase motor at 230v pulls 52 amps. The 10hp single phase 230v pulls 50 amps.

Be it three phase or single phase, larger motors should be started with a magnetic contactor.

My Valco A12 has a hull tag saying 10hp max

What is the continuous current of 10HP star delta motor

10HP to 20HP according to engine displacement and condition.

Johnson model number J10RCCD, is a 1988 year model, 9.9 hp outboard.

The tech website says that all plugs on tecumsah engines is .030

Should be 36 ounces + 4 more ounces if it has an oil filter. Just do not overfill it.

I have used a Champion RJ19LM or J19LM, both work fine.

around 43 amps , single phase(regular house power) 240volts