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How do you update action replay DS on a mac?


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You can possibly update the Action Replay for the DS on your mac using a program called Boot Camp or Parallels. Both programs enable you to install windows onto your mac, with Boot Camp you have to choose to use your mac as a mac or as a PC, with parallels you can run both OSX and XP or Vista side by side. However, your mac needs to have Intel duo processor. So if you have a Mac Book or Pro or any of the newer macs, you should be able to make the Action Replay work on mac. Edit: Actually, it is possible. Just don't put the small mini-DVD in there, it'll screw your Mac up, just burn the data onto a big disc.

There is no way to. The small disc won't fit in the Mac. Believe me, I know, my friend jammed an action replay disc in my iMac and we had to get it repaired

add: I had the same problem for stupidly trying, but I luckily got the disc out using some vertical displacement shaking the MB pro until the disc fell out. I think I may have stuck a cotton wool bud stick in as well.

But here's something useful. I made a copy of the small Action Replay Disc on my old laptop with the disc trays. Burnt the copy to a normal sized disc. Installed it in Windows in Bootcamp. Gotta Catch-em All.

add: my disk got stuck too but i managed to get it out with a paper clip which only damaged the compact disk not my mac but i do not recommend doing this or even trying to get one in your mac unless you have a normal sized burnt copy