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mmm you dont lose anything when making an update

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โˆ™ 2011-05-24 03:21:24
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Q: How do you update software without losing What is already on the ipod?
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How do you update iPhone with out losing stuff?

You cant update it without loosing stuff sorry :/

Can you order a software upgrade without the original software?

No, because the update depends on the base software to be there.

Can you update your I pod without losing your apps?

Yea. Go to and it says there.

How Can you update software without the controller?

I honestly don't know... Google It.

How do you update your iPod touch without deleting apps?

Go to software update after plugging in itouch and tapping it's name. Then do software update. Most updates don't delete anything.

When is the 2011 nook color update?

It's already out! yaaaa! Go to your nearest Barnes and Noble and ask for the newest software update.

How do you do system software update for PS3 without signing in as an administrator?

By asking the administrator.

How do you get IOS5 on iPod 4th gen?

If it doesn't already come with it then go to iTunes and when your iPod comes up click "Check for Update" Then the proper update will download and install. If you already have iOS 5 and you want iOS 5.0.1 Then you can update directly from your iPod by going to Settings>General>Software Update to auto check for update.

How do you get java on a mac without using software update?

Macs come with Java ready to go. You can download updates (See links below) but these will be the same as those available through Software Update.

How do you update your action replay without a disc?

Click "Software Upgrade" in the Action Replay window.

What can you do to fix apps crash on an iPhone?

Update the software if you haven't already updated it (the latest version of software 2 or software 3). This is usually the culprit of most app crash problems.

Why is updating a hardware as necessary as updating a software?

Well, all games need to have the latest software update. But don't worry, all the psp games have the software update already on it so you can update it from a game. And new software updates come with new features like internet radio or inchanced web browsing. You don't have to always upgrade, only when you need to.

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