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Instead of getting to Windows ME from Windows 98 ... Why don't u go to Windows 2000 Pro with SP4 installed later on or Windows XP Pro ...

ME is just an illusion. Many things in ME does not work properly ....

Its very easy to upgrade ... Just install New Updated OS CD and boot your machine from it instead of booting from Hard drive. Then follow the instructions that's all ...

I personally recommend backing up your important DATA from your machine and then INSTEAD of just UPGRADING from Lower Windows OS to Higher Windows OS ...

REFORMAT while INSTALLING the FRESH copy of Higher Windows OS. Its always better to install a FRESH copy instead of just upgrading. Another thing with upgrading is that Windows copes older version system files onto the hard drive and then you may end up getting new problems ....

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ME is an upgrade of 98. XP is an upgrade of ME

You must have an installation disc to upgrade Windows 98.

To upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP, you need a computer that meets the system requirements for Windows XP and a retail or upgrade CD of Windows XP.

If you have a Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade CD, you simply put it inside the CD Rom drive and it should launch and proceed to do the upgrade. If you have a Windows 98 Full Installation CD, after it starts running answer to 'upgrade' in stead of a full Windows 98 installation. This will keep all your Windows 95 programms and settings. I hope this help

No. Upgrades are only supported from Windows XP. You would need to do a clean install to upgrade from 98, ME, or 2000.

Windows 98 discs do not need to be activated, and yes, they can still be used to upgrade an older installation of Windows.

I think you need to buy Windows 98. I do not think there is an upgrade available. I am also not even sure if it is possible to buy Win 98 anymore. It may no longer be available.

win 98 is a client whereas win NT is a server..

Nothing. If it works at all, it will tell you it can't upgrade from Windows 98.

I tried it once but it failed to copy some os files.You should try it ,it may work for you if not upgrade to windows 2000 first. After you upgrade to windows 2000 then you can probably upgrade to windows xp from 2000

That depends on the type of "upgrade" you are referring to. Windows 98 can be upgraded to Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP by inserting the CD while Windows is running and running the setup program. Updates to Windows 98 can be downloaded via Windows Update, though no new updates have been or will be released since 2006.

No. Legally, you must either purchase an upgrade disc, or a full retail copy of XP.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP. IF your hardware is good enough. Source:

Yes, I just did it. With the XP Upgrade CD in, in windows 98 go to run in the start menu and open setup.exe from the cdrom drive, it'll install xp on the windows 98. Because you're not making a new guest OS in vmfusion, it still shows up as "Windows 98" but the actual OS is upgraded to be XP.

Users did not feel it was a significant upgrade from Windows 98. Because they did not consider it to be significant enough of an upgrade to warrant the cost and hassle involved.

By installing Windows XP, with the Windows XP CD that is in case, when you bought it.

Put the Windows 98 disk in the CD drive and reboot the computer. This should take you through the steps necessary to install 98.

You have two options. 1. upgrade 2. new installation upgrade will remove 98 and install xp whereas new installtion will let you keep both os.

25 June 1998 as an upgrade to Windows 95 with better USB support and more.

No. Or, at the very least, the installer doesn't allow this.

This is a common occurrence, particularly if you did not upgrade the computer beforehand. Windows XP requires more RAM and a faster processor than Windows 98.

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