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I feel that spray adhesive might be your best bet. However, it may stain your fabric through to the outside. Use a test piece before applying to the actual furniture.

2006-07-28 15:56:36
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How many yards of fabric are used to upholster the average chair?

How many yards of fabric you will need to upholster an average chair will depend on the type of chair. A chair without a skirt covering the legs will need approximately five yards. A chair with a skirt will use about six yards of fabric.

How many yards of fabric to upholster a chaise?


How many yards of fabric to upholster a chair?

it depends on the chair

How can you decorate your message board?

Upholster the board by wrapping it first with a thin layer of batting. then cover the batting with interesting fabric such as a bright print or a pattern that compliments the room's decor.

How many yards of fabric are used to upholster an armchair?

7 - 10 yards

How much fabric is required to upholster a parsons chair with a pleated skirt?

Type your answer here... 4 Yards

How many yards of fabric are used to upholster the average couch?

Average yards of fabric needed to upholster a couch are: Love Seat 11 yards, 72 inch Sofa 13 yards, 90 inch Sofa 14 yards. You always want to get a little more than you think you'll need just to be safe.

Can you upholster in any fabric?

It depends largely on the project, but if, for example, you wanted to cover a chair with a light cotton fabric, you would definitely want to back it with some heavyweight iron-on interfacing to strengthen it. Hope this helps.

How many yards of fabric to upholster a wing chair?

While the size of the chair will impact the amount of fabric you need, your local fabric store can provide you with rough estimates for how much fabric you need. The salespeople can also provide you with valuable information about batting, fabric, trim, and padding. Good luck! Depends, you'll have to measure the chair to figure that one out. Measure the height length, width, the cushions, the wings, etc. If you need to ask that question on here, are you really qualified to reupholster the chair?

How many yards of fabric are used to upholster a rocker glider with foot stool?

I just bought some fabric to cover a glider rocker and ottoman and i bought 2 1/2 yds of 56" wide fabric. You could get away with buying 2 1/4 yds of 54"-56" wide fabric.

Where can I buy cool patio furniture?

At almost any home improvement store or any department store that has a lawn and garden center. If by chance you do not like the fabric and design on it, you can simply re-upholster the fabric yourself for very cheap.

How do you sew buttons to fabric batting?

You don't sew buttons to fabric batting. Batting is intended to be used as filling between two pieces of fabric, usually to create a quilt. If you did sew a button to fabric batting the button would be able to be pulled right out due to the loose construction of the batting itself.

How do you remove feviquick mark from fabric without damaging the fabric?

To remove feviquick mark from the fabric without damaging the fabric you will have to let it dry first before soaking the fabric and wash it gently.

How much to upholster a wing back chair?

i work at an upholstry fabric store and we send out probably 5 items a day to be reupholstered, our main sources say around $250 for labor on a wing back chair, and around 6 yrs of your own fabric. this depends on fabric repeat and skirt, no skirt, piping, ect. but generally $250 plus cost of fabric that you pick

What kind of fabric should be used to upholster a couch?

Definitely a thicker home decor fabric. You also might want to consider finding a stain resistant fabric. Just make sure you choose one that feels durable and tough. Most fabric stores have a section that is specifically for home decor fabrics. Leather is a good choice too, if cost isn't a factor.

Furniture Upholster?

form_title=Furniture Upholster form_header=8743 Please specify what you are needing to have reupholstered.*= [] Sofa [] Loveseat [] Armchair [] Dining chair(s) [] Recliner [] Ottoman/footrest [] Headboard [] Other Give a description for the material it will be reupholstered with?*= [] Leather [] Vinyl [] Velvet [] Suede [] Cotton print [] Other fabric [] Silk [] Want recommendation

How much fabric is required to upholster 17 x 20 dining room chair seats for a total of 6 chairs?

If your fabric is 60" wide you'll need 1 yard (36" long) If your fabric is 45" wide you'll need 1.5 yards (54" long) BUT, keep in mind, if your fabric has a pattern with a focal point (like a large flower) you may need to adjust the above suggested yardage.

How do you re-upholster your ceiling in Chevy astro van 91?

Fabric stores carry "headliner" fabric. Take your measurements of the largest area of the headliner (or take it off, if you can, and bring it into the store), and see the clerk for help. They also carry the spray adhesive. They will show you how to measure it and cut it and trim the installation.

Why is fabric hemmed?

Fabric projects are hemmed to finish the edge. Without a hem, the edge of a woven fabric can fray or unravel. When the fabric is hemmed (either by folding under the fabric, or by using a serger), the edge of the fabric is reinforced and prevented from fraying.

How do you get rid of the smell of fabric softener in your laundry?

Wash again without fabric softener seems to work.

What can do if fabric in mtr and convert to kg?

You need to know the linear density of the fabric. Without that you cannot do anything.

How much fabric is need to upholster 6 25 x 25 dining room chair seats?

That depends upon how thick the cushions are. I'll take a guess that you need about 5 1/2 inches on each side to go down the sides of the cushions and still have enough fabric left to tuck in so that it will hold. That means that you will need a piece of fabric 36"x36" for each of the six seats. If you go with 72" wide fabric, then you will need 3 yards.

Using New Fabric on Material: Key for Home Improvement?

Sometimes, you feel like a home just needs to be improved in some way, but perhaps you can not put your finger on how it should be improved. One way to get a fresh look in any home is to upholster old furniture. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for new furniture, why not upholster each piece for $20? Picking out new fabric for furniture is also a fun way to choose a new look for a home. There are all sorts of discount stores that sell fabric at very affordable prices for the budget-conscious home interior decorator. So, instead of renovating the home, look for stylish ways to change it up at an affordable price!

How much fabric to upholster car seats?

depends on the seats... but for some regular bucket seats, it shouldn't take more then three and a half yards of fabric for each of the driver and passenger seats. You'll probably want to pick up about 2 yards of some thin foam and a lining fabric, such as burlap, muslin, etc. for doing the pleating and padded parts of the seat. However, I'm yet to have to do a rear seat, so I can't help you there.

Why do you need sofa shampoo?

To clean the sofa without damaging the fabric