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How do you use 2 hard disk?

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how do connect two hard driver

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Q: How do you use 2 hard disk?
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What type of hard disk?

there are 2 type of hard disk 1)internal hard disk 2)external hard disk there are 5 kind of hard disk in each hard disk 1)ATA 2)firewire 3)SCSI 4)RAID 5)fibre channel

How many types of hard disk?

There are two types of Hard disk. 1:Sea gate disk 2:SATA Hard disk

How many different HDD?

1. IDE Hard Disk 2. SATA Hard Disk 3. SCSI Hard Disk 4. Ultra SCSI Hard Disk

How data is written into and read from a hard disk?

How data is written into and read from a hard disk depends on the specific type of hard disk. Magnetic disk hard discs use read/write heads and spinning discs while SSD hard disks use semiconductors.

What are the parts of the hard disk?

A hard disk can be either internal or external and one can use it to save files. The parts of a hard disk are the disk case, spindle, disk platter, actuator and the read-write arm.

What kind of device is a hard disk?

This kind of a hard disk device is the most commontly use in office.

What is the difference between hard disk and hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is the motor and controller of the hard disk, which is the set of platters and spindle. Various users will use these terms in different or identical ways. Technically the disk is just the aluminium or glass disk that is coated with a magnetic surface. But all the computer guys I know equate the terms hard disk with hard disk drive.

How can you operate 2 system by one hard disk?

Partition the disk.

How is the size of the hard disk measured?

what unit of measurement would u generally use for a hard disk drive?

Compare and contrast a hard disk with RAM?

A hard disk stores data for long term use. RAM stores data for immediate use.

If a manufacturer is looking for memory that is very durable and shock resistant which kind of technology might it use in its laptops?

Hard diskdisk

What are the three types of disk drives?

1)Hard disk 2)sandisk 3)Flopy disk

What is primary hard disk and secondary hard disk?

Primary hard disk is that kind of hard disk which system gives first preferences for booting and then second hard disk.

Can you use a hard disk without partitioning it?


Can you use two operating systems on two hard disks in such a way that you use one hard disk at a time and use two hard disks in the same computer in such a way that you use only hard disk at a time t?

first install the operating systems seperately on both the hard disks. then by changing the BIOS settings u can easily select the hard disk from which u want to boot from , i.e U can select the hard disk from which u want to load the operating system by changing the boot order !

Can a hard disk involve the use of a laser beam to read data from a disk surface?


What is disk drive?

A disk drive is a device that computers can use to read and write information on computer disk. An example of one is the hard disk drive.

Can you use a hard disk without partitioning it and how?

yeah, you may have your whole hard disk as one partition. That won't be very smart though.

What do you mean by sata hard disk?

Hard Disk that has Sata Cable and has a smaller jeck than normal Hard disk is called Sata Hard Disk

Can you use a 500 GB hard drive on Windows 2000 pro?

You can use 500 GB hard disk & install OS 2000, but you won't be able to avail 500 GB hard disk space on it.

What is the difference between a Xbox 360 arcade and a Xbox 360 60 GB?

Is difference in the hard disk,the money. If you use Xbox Acarde, you don't have any hard disk except a 256 memory card. If you use 60 gb, you can have ^0 gb hard disk.

What is a hard disk and its examples?

hard disk examples

What hard disk do you use CD burning?


What technology is used to store data on a hard disk?

A hard disk works in pretty much the same way that the old cassette recorders did, there are 2 magnetic heads per disk and usually 2 disks, when you send information to the hard disk, the magnetic heads write the info onto the disk, and likewise retrieve the same info when needed.

Use magnetic particles to store items on a disk surface?

We technical people call that a Hard Disk