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My mother gets very agitated when I don't do my homework.

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How do you use the word walk in a sentence as a noun?

His walk was agitated, to say the least.

How could you use agitated in a sentence?

if you are very annoyed or aggervated with someone/something.

What is a sentence for agitated?

The prisoner became agitated when she found that her parole had been denied .

What is a compound sentence for agitated?

I was agitated to go to the bathroom, so my teacher violently told me to go.

What is the meanining of agitated?

extremely angry. using it in a sentence would be "my baby brother wouldn't stop crying and that made me very agitated."

A sentence for ensue?

The crowd was further agitated by the police, causing a riot to ensue.

What is a sentence using the word Agitated?

jail was clearly agitated by the constant bickering of her inlays. The guest speaker seemed agitated when the audience did not quiet down right away. It's wonderful that the family worshiped together, but their screaming infant agitated the entire congregation. The Principal's calming words helped to settle the agitated student. I wish Dad would not watch the news because it leaves him upset and agitated night after night.

How do you use the word pother in a sentence?

The word pother can be used to indicated an agitated state.The old man wandered about the house in a pother after the phone call from his brother.

What is agitated water?

agitated water

In a stormy or agitated state?

a stormy or agitated state

What is the definition of the word agitated?

* troubled emotionally and usually deeply; "agitated parents" * physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"The word agitated means to feel troubled or nervous.Agitated means : feeling or appearing troubled or nervous.

What part of speech is agitated?

The word agitated is a verb. It is the past tense of the verb agitate.

How do you put persist in a sentence?

Persist should be used as other verbs are. I will persist in my pursuit of happiness. She persisted to ask me ceaselessly. Her persistence agitated me.

What does ants in your pants mean as afigure of speech?

It means agitated or nervous.

What are some antonyms for agitated?

Relaxed, calm, and tranquil would be some examples of antonyms for the word agitated.

What is the adverb of agitated?


Are these words quiet - agitated antonyms or synonyms?

The words quiet and agitated have opposite meanings and are thus antonyms.

Use embalmers in a sentence?

i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

Will a bottle rocket fly with out water?

Yes if you use compressed air inside the rocket. Or you can use agitated methanol and a flame for thrust like a whoosh rocket.

How can you use exponent in a sentence?

"It is easy to use an exponent in a sentence." There, that sentence uses it!

How do you use carbonate as a sentence?

Here's a sentence: How can I use the word carbonate in a sentence?

What animals make howling noises when agitated?

Animals that make howling noises when agitated are mostly grouped in the canine family. Some animals that make howling noises when agitated are: coyotes, wolves, and even domesticated dogs.

Use repudiate in a sentence?

use repudiate in a sentence

How do you use aeronautics in a sentence?

How do you use Aeronautics in a sentence?

Use syllable in a sentence?

Use a syllable in your sentence.

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