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How do you use Celios to get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon?

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I do not believe he has the ticket.

My advice is to trade Deoxys from somebody who has an Action Replay or a GameShark.

Nintendo and I do NOT endorse the use of either device though!

Or you caould wait until the next NoA Event (Nintendo of America Event)

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Where do you use the aurora and mystic ticket on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant get it

What is the easiest way to get an Aurora ticket in Pokemon sapphire?

Use a Gameshark

Pokemon LeafGreen how to go to 8 isand?

use an aurora ticket

What is Mystery Gift in Pokemon?

the mystrey gift is dexoys but you have to have the aurora ticket to use it.

How To Get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must use action replay or gameshark.

How do you get the aurora ticket on Pokemon fire red?

You must use a gameshark or action replay.

Where to get aurora ticket in Pokemon LeafGreen GBA?

use a GBA Gameshark to get item event

How do you use the aurora ticket on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to Vermilion then show the guy on the dock your ticket, then go to birth island

How do you get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Emerald without going to a Nintendo event?

Getting aurora ticketSorry but the truth is you can not get the Aurora Ticket without going to a Nintendo event.. oh wait there is you need a friend who has been to a Nintendo event and then use the mystery gift option to copy and transfer the ticket to your game.

How do you get the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon?

You can get the Mystic and Aurora Ticket from a special Nintendo/Pokemon event such as the ones that happened in 2004, but they have expired and no longer can obtain them this way. You will need to use an Action Replay or GameShark to cheat for the Mystic Ticket.

What can you do if you have the Aurora ticket?

Go to slateport city and use the ticket at boat place then it will take you to Birth island where the legendary Pokemon deoxys lives!!!From D****L

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon Emerald without using an Aurora Ticket?

You can't. You either need a AR/GS code or, of course, you must use the Aurora Ticket. Sorry! I feel your pain. I don't have AR/GS either.

How do you get the aurora ticket in Pokemon LeafGreen?

To obtain the Aurora ticket in the Leaf Green Pokemon game go to any PokeMart. Say yes to filling out the questionnaire then enter the words "link together with all". This cheat will now give you a mystery gift when you start up the game. Go to a Pokemon event and you can download the ticket.Use action replay.

I have a aurora ticket in Pokemon fire red i got in gameshark but it wont let you use it help please?

don't cheat

What is the action replay code for the island tickets on Pokemon emerald?

this action replay code let you buy eon ticket and mystic ticket at a Pokemon mart. cff34abfb51248a9f7e323e217a5cca3c2d1840a9f6b65c1 and the action replay code for old sea map and aurora ticket is cff34abfb51248a98f575f429fecd9741584dfb442758518. Use one code at a time. For example: use the eon and mystic ticket code first. Then, when you have bought the tickets turn the code off and use the old sea map and aurora ticket code.

Is there a cheat code for getting aurora ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

go to www.pokemonruby/ for some cool codes. [p.s] the only way to get an aurora ticket in Pokemon ruby is to either use an action replay or a gameshark. you cannot trade it from firered/leafgreen because it is a key item.

How do you use the Aurora ticket in emerald?

u need gameshark

Where do you use the mysticticket and auroraticket on Pokemon FireRed?

ticketsyou cant use the tickets in Pokemon firered you need to trade the ticket to Pokemon emerald and go to slateport city to the ship and give the ticket to the men there the mystic ticket get you to the faraway island there you get mew and aurora ticket get you to birth island there you get deoxys you CAN get them on FireRed, but it was done in a Nintendo event like 4 years ago, so you'll have to use Gameshark or Action Replay. Faraway Island (the only legitimate place in all the games to get Mew) is exlusive to Emerald but on FireRed you can use the Aurora Ticket to get to Birth Island to get Deoxys and the MysticTicket to get to Navel Rock which is where you get Ho-oh AND Lugia.

Is there a way to get the Mystic Ticket or Aurora Ticket without going to a Nintendo Event on Pokemon FireRed and Leaf Green?

No, there is no other way except to use a GameShark or an Action Replay to get those items. Various of sites offer codes for each ticket and should tell you how to activate the code. The Mystic Ticket and the Aurora Ticket cannot be obtained during normal gameplay.

How do get an Aurora ticket in Pokemon Emerald?

there are 3 ways i know.1) Go to a Nintendo world Pokemon event with your wireless adapter attached (you need mystery gift!!!) Then look in your wonder cards and you should have the mysteryous aurora ticket!!!! (There is no event for that now....) :(2) Use action replay, codebreaker, gameshark, etc.3) Get it from a friend that has already used it! Trade Pokemon with a friend (It dosent matter who it is) Then tell your friend to trade you a Pokemon with the aurorA ticket attached. go to the place where the boat is and go to the island (What was it called again?) Then use it and trade back Pokemon!!!!!(remember to give him/her the aurora ticket back)That's the way to hopefully catch the awsome Pokemon....DEOXYS!!!!!Hope I helpedAdam is here to help for anything to do withP-O-K-E-M-O-N!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How do you catch the aurora ticket on Pokemon firered?

There are only 2 ways;1) Go to a Pokemon event in the USA such as: The Nintendo Rocks Event.2) Use a gameshark and cheat.Personally i'd use a gameshark, it's cheap. And i don't live in the USA. And getting someone to give you an aurora ticket can be quite hard. I believe that once this is done you have to interact with an old man the 2nd story of a Pokemon center - not sure where.

When do you use the eon ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant eon ticket has absolutely no use in pokemon firered.

How do you get Aurora ticket?

if you have fr/lg, you can use your wireless adapter to get a mystery gift.

Can you get aurora ticket without going to a Nintendo event?

no unless you use AR.

How do you get a Mystic Ticket and a Aurora Ticket?

The ticket is only found via a Nintendo event that already happened. However, if you have Action Replay / Gameshark, you can use that to get it.