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I'm going to the Olympics!

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Q: How do you use Olympics in a sentence?
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How do you use the word Olympics in a sentence?

the olympics are very competitive this year

How do you use the word juxtaposition in a sentence about the olympics?

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics featured the juxtaposition of the huge weightlifters with the tiny gymnasts.

Can you use on the ropes in a sentence?

When the monkey was training for the monkey Olympics he had to train on the ropes.

Use the word oracle in a sentence?

The wise oracle predicted that I would win the Olympics.

How do use greco-roman in a sentence?

We will be treated to a demonstration of Greco-Roman wrestling at the next Summer Olympics.

How do you use spectacular in a sentence?

The festival was spectacular. My,what a spectacular event this is! Did you find their grand entrance spectacular? The opening of the Olympics was spectacular.

How do you use championship in a sentence?

The track star was crying tears of joy when he won the biggest championship in the world besides the Olympics.

What is the subject in do you prefer the summer Olympics or the winter Olympics?

The subject is "you." Rephrased as a declarative sentence, it is "you do prefer."

What is a good sentence for the word Olympics?

I went to the cool stadium to see the Olympics play and it was cool.

Use abeyance in a sentence?

While the Olympics were on, in certain areas America set in abeyance the rules that prevented people from public protest.

How do you put surveillance into a sentence to do with the Olympics?

During the 2012 London Olympics, surveillance was maintained by the usage of CCTVs.

what nouns are in this sentence The team won a gold medal in hockey at the olympics?

Team, medal, hockey, olympics

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