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How do you use R-12 gauges?

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If you need info on R-12 HI/Lo A/c pressure gauges, you should take veh. to pro. Once you connect lines from gauges to A/C, you need to understand what the readings mean. avg. lowside @idle = 28-34, avg. Hiside = 120-130.

BE CAREFUL. MANY BEGINNERS and cert. mechanics have made mistakes and injured themselves.

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What type of freon can you use in a dodge dynasty?

It was built with R12, can be coverted to R134aIt was built with R12, can be coverted to R134a

What oil do you use with r12 a 93 gm car?

Mineral oil is used with all R12 systems.

How much does r12 cost?

The cost of R12 varies a great deal. The use of R12 is illegal in some places and requires certification in others. It is estimated that a pound of R12 currently costs approximately $20 US dollars.

Where do you put the oil in your R12 compressor?

First of all, you don't use R12. Rather, R134 which has the oil included.

What brand of R12 did Ford use in their 1995 trucks?

They didn't use R12 in 1995 - they'd all gone to R134a by then. Which is fortunate for you, because you can't even buy small cans of R12 without Section 609 certification.

When do meteorologists use rain gauges?

meteorologists use rain gauges to measures the rain everyday

How do you know if r12 freon is in vehicle?

If if it a 1995 or older then it came with R12 installed. 1996 can be R12 or R134. 1997 up, it has R134/R134a. If you suspect it had R12 look for a label somewhere on the A/C unit signifying it has been converted. If you find it has R12 and is leaking and needs repairing, after the leak is repaired, convert it to R134a. R12 is far too expensive to use.

What kind of freon does a 1990 old delta 98 use?

Check the ports to add freon--the low side is a large hose --the high pressure is the small line--on the large line if the valve is the large style----the freon is R134--if the valve is the small style it is R12--no longer used --retro valves are available to convert R12 systems to R134 R12 fittings can't be connected to R134 gauges, and vice versa. If it's R12 you won't be able to connect the hose from the supply can to fill it, or do anything else with R134 equipment.

What kind of freon do refrigerators use?

r12 or 134a

What type of freon does a 1985 corvette use?


What did they use as refrigerant in 1963 chevy nova?


What freon does a 1986 MAZDA B2000 use?

It has the old R12 refrigerant.If it is low the R12 is not available anymore.However a product like freeze 12 will work with it.I could go on but,short if you do not have manifold gauges the old style for the R12 fittings you can convert the system over to the new R134 and a shop need to do this simply to remove the old refrigerant and add the new screw on fittings and charge up the system.Sorry for the long over answer,just forwarning you if the AC is not cold and what your next steps should be.

What type of Freon do you use in a 94 Oldsmobile Royale?

r12 but get a 134 kit and change it over for about 35.00 (wallmart) you have to be a regesterd mecanic to get r12

When was r12 banned?

R12 was in use up until the 90's when R134A was introduced. I believe R12 was phased out at the end of 94, And R134A took it's place from 95 on. I hope that's the answer you're looking for.

What type of refrigerant does a dodge ram 1500 use?

1994 and later is R134a1993 and before was R121994 and later is R134a1993 and before was R12

Does a 1991 Mercury Capri use R12 refrigerant?


What type of freon does a 1995 cutlass supreme use?

A 1995 Cutlass Supreme should use R12 freon. The fittings are different between R12 and R134 so that they can not be accidentally swapped.

What type of freon goes in a 1987 chevy chevette?

It came from the factory with R12 but as R12 is extremely expensive I recommend you have the system converted to use R134a.

Does a 1993 Toyota Paseo use R12?

93 paseo does use R-12.

What is the difference between spacers and gauges for ears?

The difference is mostly we use spacers for our car wheels but use ear gauges for ear.

What type of freon does a 1993 Buick Skylark use?

It came with R12 Freon. As R12 is cost prohibitive, have the unit converted to R134a refrigerant or a similar substitute.

What type freon does a 1992 Honda Civic use?

The OEM refrigrant that is came with is R12. R12 is very expensive and no longer made so have it converted to R134a.

What type of freon refrigerant does a 1989 Ford Probe use?


What kind of refrigerant did motor home coaches use in 1991?


To recharge the air conditioning on a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass ciera do you use r12 or 134a?

It came from the factory with R12. Due to the cost of R12 I suggest you have it converted to run on R134. Have the leak fixed and convert it to R134 and save yourself some big money. R12 is no longer in production, and is very, very, expensive.

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