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By selecting a unique password or pin code.

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Q: How do you use RSA for both authentication and secrecy?
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How do you do ldap authentication for log in?

use spring security framework , it has both declarative and programmatic way to perform ldap authentication against active directory.

Use the word secrecy in a sentence?

You must keep this answer in total secrecy. Spies live in secresy. What good is secrecy in a world of complete honesty?

How many times can you use a authentication key for wow?

Authentication keys from the Blizzard authenticator are one time use only keys.

Why did they use codes in the world war?

For secrecy.

Why does single sign-on not work when using NFuse or WI?

This is a deliberate restriction, for security reasons. If internal users were allowed to use PN Agent in this scenario, external people would also be able to bypass the RSA authentication by using PN Agent. The solution for this to have is to install a second Web interface on another server and turn off two-factor authentication and point the internal PNAgents at it.

How many times can you use a authentication key for W.O.W.?

You can only use an authentication key to make one account, but you can use the disk to download the game on as many computers as you want.

What is Passport Authentication in Aspnet?

It is a centralized authentication service provided by Microsoft.This method of authentication uses Microsoft's Passport service to authenticate users. When you use Passport authentication, a user must have a valid Passport account to access the application.

Which authentication protocol does iis7s windows authentication module use for computers that are methe most secure of the tradition challenge and response authentication methods supported by iis7 is?

yer momma

Why is it preferable to use open system authentication on a wireless network using WEP rather than shared seret authentication?

Shared secret affects the security, because the user has to use the same secret key for authentication and encryption

A network administrator is looking for a technology that includes both hardware and software authentication Which technology could the administrator use?

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Which authentication protocol does IIS7's Windows Authentication module use for computers that are members of an Active Directory Domain?


What is the difference between AES and RSA?

AES is a symmetric cryptographic algorithm, while RSA is an asymmetric (or public key) cryptographic algorithm. Encryption and decryption is done with a single key in AES, while you use separate keys (public and private keys) in RSA. The strength of a 128-bit AES key is roughly equivalent to 2600-bits RSA key.

Which type of network security model would you deploy that makes use of both smart cards and passwords to provide multi-factor authentication?


What Authentication is designed for use with Active Directory Web servers whose clients are on the other side of a proxy server or firewall?

Digest Authentication

What are the difference between DES and RSA algorithm?

DES is a symmetric cryptographic algorithm, while RSA is an asymmetric (or public key) cryptographic algorithm. Encryption and decryption is done with a single key in DES, while you use separate keys (public and private keys) in RSA. DES uses 56-bit keys for encryption while RSA uses 2600-bits of KEY

What is your authenication?

Authentication is the process of verifying whether a user is authorized or not . We use authentication where we need security that only aurthorized people can have access to a particular data.

What type of authentication do most access points use by default?


What are two authentication methods that an access point could use?


It's best to use three-factor authentication?


Which encryption process uses two keys and includes RSA as a common solution?

Type your answer here... AsymmetricAnswer Explanation: Asymmetric encryption uses a key pair, a public key, and a private key for the encryption and decryption process. One key is used to encrypt the information, and the other key is used to decrypt it. Asymmetric encryption uses Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) as a common asymmetric solution to encrypt information.It could be that the person posing the question was looking for SSL (or TLS) which use encryption to secure communications. While RSA is not the only encryption method accepted, both SSL and TLS can, and commonly DO, use RSA as the negotiated encryption scheme.

What authentication protocol you must use to support the use of smart cards? chapD.eap tls

What protects a computer's hardware and or software from intruders?

The installation and use of an authentication system.

Most encryption software products use a method called?

Public-Key Encryption RSA Technology

Is there a free authentication key to World of Warcraft?

There is no legal way to get "free" authentication keys for World of Warcraft. You must purchase the discs or use the blizzard store to purchase one.

Wow do all authentication keys work on different accounts?

Authentication keys are one account use only. once it is used it is locked to the account. no ifs, ands or buts.