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you have to go online to buy a unlock code for the phone, once you have the unlock code you can put the sim card in and it will ask you for the code.

if not you can buy a sim card holder that can convert your tmobile sim card into the at&t phone so you have use of the at&t phone, but with tmobile!

get it?
yes, you can. as long as your sim card will fit in the sim card slot.

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Q: How do you use a T-Mobile SIM card in an ATT phone?
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What ATT phones can you use with tmobile?

oyu can use any unlocked att phone with a sim card port

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Can you use an ATT sim card with a non ATT phone?

Yes, but it has to be a phone that can accept the sim card, and it must be unlocked by the previous company. ex. if you have a tmobile phone you want to use, call tmobile and have it unlocked, then put your att sim in. It is not recommended though due to data services will generally not work. p.s. Iphones can not be unlocked by anyone.

Can you have a tmobile phone and have ATT?

If you mean putting an at&t sim card in a t-mobile phone, no. Sim cards only work in phones that are the same brand.

Can you take your att sim card and put it in a tmobile nokia phone?

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

Can any phone sim card be inserted into any phone?

No most phone companies do not allow any SIM card to go into all phones. The only exception I have found is the SIM cards for ATT phones and TMobile phones.

Can you put att iPhone sim card in an att blackberry?

Yes as long as the phone is att and has a sim card slot

Do you have to have a phone with a sim card to use t-mobile service?

When you buy a tmobile phone it camoes with a sim card. If you already have a tmobile phone and break it you can buy a pre-paid phone and put your old sim card in it

Can you put your tracfone sim card in your att phone?

Yes, provided your ATT phone is SIM unlocked.

Can you use your att sim card in any att phone?

yes you can but only in an att phone.

Can you transfer your ATT phone sim card into new ATT gophone?

Yes, just switch the sim card.

Can you use a tmobile phone with a ATT sim card?

If the T-Mobile phone is unlocked meaning the network unlock code has been given to the phone. Contact T-Mobile for the Unlock code after you have an active AT&T account and sim card.

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