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Standard use is either clamp it around the hose ir insert the tool into the connector and push both tool and hose towards each other usually you have to wiggle it a little bit it should pop loose fairly easily.

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Q: How do you use a fuel line disconnect tool?
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How do you use a fuel line disconnect tool for a ford explorer?

open the tool, slide it over the line and into the groove between the two sides. push and twist it to release inside tabs. pull apart

How do you replace the Rubber Fuel line hose on a 1993 Buick Regal Gran Sport?

You have to drop fuel tank and use quick disconnect tool to change lines

How do you disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel filter of a 1996 Ford Escort?

Ford fuel lines use a unique line coupler. You'll need to purchase a disconnect tool, but fortunately they are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most auto parts retailers.

How do you remove quick disconnect transmission line on a jeep?

Easy use a quick disconnect tool or a small screwdriver

I need to disconnect the transmission line from the bottom of my radaitor on my Dakota PU. I have a sissor like disconnect tool but can't seem to figure out how to use it?

the line is a quick disconnect to operate your tool is to simply open it up place it on the line with the stems facing the connector and push in on the tool once the tool is fully seated keep pressure on the tool while pulling on the line to remove it. good luck

How do you use the fuel line tool to disconnect the fuel filter in a 1999 ford ranger?

There are little metal fingers inside the line that snap behind a ridge on the fuel filter inlet and outlet tube. The purpose of the tool is to spread those fingers outward. What you have to do is, clip the tool over the filter tube with the cone aimed toward the line. Slide the cone of the tool into the end of the line and press it completely into the line as far as it will go. It sometimes helps to push the line and the filter together somewhat as you push the tool up into the line, and then pull the line off of the filter. It can be a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that hard.

How do you disassemble the hydraulic clutch coupler on the transmission of a 1993 Ford Explorer when the plastic slide is gone?

insert a quick disconnect tool into the coupler , the same tool you would use to disconnect fuel lines.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban Specifically do you need a special tool to release it from the fuel line on the engine side of the filter or does it just pull out?

The connection on the engine side of the filter is a metal collar quick-connect fitting. You will need to use a special tool called a "fuel line separator tool" available at most auto parts stores to disconnect this fitting. You insert the fuel line separator tool into the female side of the fitting, push it into the fitting until it releases the locking tabs inside the fitting, and then pull the lines apart.

What tool do you use to remove the fuel filter?

There is a special tool to remove the fuel line from the filter on Rangers/Explores. I bought mine at Autozone for around $10.

Is there something you can use instead of a quick disconnect tool to remove a fuel filter?

You can use a very small flat blade screwdriver if you know what you are doing.

How do you get the fuel filter off 2002 GMC Yukon when the normal fuel line tools won't work?

I have the exact same problem. Bought two different fuel filter tools, one specifically designed for the GM 5.3L and I still cannot get the filter to disconnect from the fuel line. The little tool will slide into the line but it is not enough to disengage. Is there a specific tool that I need? I have a 2003 GMC Yulon with a 5.3L "Z" Flex-Fuel (can run on standard gas or E85) engine (this problem is particular to the Flex Fuel model, the non-Flex Fuel model uses a different fuel filter). I too had this problem where the clearance between where the fuel line attaches to the fuel filter is too close to the body of the fuel filter to insert the fuel line removal tool. There are 2 ways around this problem. The first method (which is how I used to do this) is to remove the fuel line at the "downstream" end (closer to the engine) so that you can remove the fuel filter with the attached fuel line to your workbench/vice. The fuel line tool you currently have will work at that end of the fuel line. Next, cut the fuel line stub (the metal protruding from the fuel filter which the fuel line attaches to) from the body of the fuel filter using a hack saw. Then you will be able to insert the fuel line tool you currently have and remove the stub. Be sure to flush the fuel line with brake cleaner and use compressed air to be sure that any debris created by using the hacksaw has been removed from the fuel line prior to reinstalling the fuel line back into the vehicle. The second method (which is how I now do this) is to go to the following Kent-Moore Tools link: and in the "search" box on the right side of the page, enter "J-46363" which is the part number for the proper fuel line removal tool (about $15.00 for the tool). I still remove the fuel filter with the attached line from the vehicle (because even with the tool it is still not easy to remove the fuel line from the fuel filter) and insert the tool into the body of the fuel line connector and I can then remove the fuel filter from the fuel line. You will sometimes have to turn the tool or move the fuel line toward the filter body and away from the filter body to get the internal clip in the fuel line to release from the fuel filter. This is why I still remove the fuel filter with the line attached from the vehicle because this is no fun to do laying on your back and getting gasoline in your face while trying to get the line free.

How do you get diesel out of petrol car?

Use a siphon hose inserted into the tank. To get the remaining fuel out or if your vehicle has an anti siphon device you will have to disconnect a fuel line and turn on the key. This will activate the fuel pump and fuel will flow from the line.

How do you change fuel filter on the jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

located by gas tank use a fuel line tool

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 2002 Ford F-150 5.4L?

Use a fuel/AC quick disconnect tool to remove fuel lines from filter. Plug fuel lines as they removed to reduce amount of fuel spilt. Remove 1/2" nut, located on outside of frame, that holds filter retaining clip inplace. Exchange filters and reattach retaining clip. Use quick disconnect tool to reattach fuel lines.

What tool is required to change out the fuel pump on the 1994 ford f150?

On my 96 it is in tank. You have to drop the fuel tank(s) to get to the pump(s). I don't think any special tools are required, with the possible exception of fuel line disconnect tools. The fuel lines (at least on my 96) use connectors with fingers that require a special tool to discommect. I picked a set of them up for $2 at the AutoZone.

How to disconnect ac lines from compressor on a Honda Odyssey after the system is purged?

You need to use a fuel line disconnector.

How do you use special tool for fuel filter 2000 ford explorer?

theres usellay to ends on the the tool find the side that fits and push it in and fuel line will come off

What fuel filter tool do you need to remove filter from ninety six sun fire bought an OEM 4 piece disconnect set and do not have the clearance to get the tool between the line and filter?

Use a similar tool made of flexible nylon. Most auto parts stores will sell this tool at very little cost. Do not be afraid to bend the tool during insertion.

On the 2001 Daewoo Lanos Fuel Filter there is a connection on the engine side that has two prongs you depress to remove the fuel line but how do you manage the other side which looks different?

Your best choice would be to get a fuel line disconnect tool. I believe daewoo uses the same type as those used on GM vehicles. Through personal experience, I recommend being very careful as the plastic disconnect on the side leading from the fuel tank can be very brittle and easily break. Sometimes, there is not enough clearance to use the disconnect tool. You clamp this device around the tube of the fuel filter, and push it up into the fitting on the fuel line. It's purpose is to retract the 4 retaining fingers in the fuel line fitting which are spring loaded radially. These fingers tightly grip a flange on the filter tubing. From my own experience, I had to cut the fuel tubing at the body of the filter with a hacksaw. Then you can see what's going on, and maybe use the disconnect tool. I had to use a plastic sleeve for this purpose that you can buy in a kit at an auto parts store (about $10). Once the retaining fingers are retracted, you can pull the end of the filter tube out of the fuel line fitting. Be prepared to yank, pull, push, swear, curse, and maybe cry and pray. If you're lucky, the rest of the fuel filter tube will come out, you won't break anything, and your marriage will still be intact. Good luck!

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?

How do you disconnect a quick connect gas line?It depends on the type that is used. There appear to be at least 5 different kinds but the one used on Saabs needs a GM disconnect tool that you can purchase from Harbor Freight or Autozone for under $10 bucks. The Saab quick connect has a rubber stopper / bushing that fits into the end of the metal quick connector. The bushing's purpose is to keep debris and dirt from getting into the connector. To Disconnect a Saab fuel line from the Fuel Rail:Grab one of the 3 rubber tabs that stick out perpendicularly on the side of the bushing and pull it toward the fuel rail. (You need to get the bushing up over the flair that keeps it in place.) All you want to do is get enough space between the bushing and connector so you can insert a small box wrench between them and use the wrench to pry the bushing up over the fuel line flaring.Once you have the bushing up out of the way, insert the disconnect tool into the end of the quick connector and push the quick connector up toward the tool. (The tool looks kind of like a pair of scissors that when closed form a 3/8" tube on one end and a 5/16" tube on the other end...). There are 4 metal tabs inside the quick connector that bend inwards toward a flaring that prevent the connector from coming off. By pushing the connector onto the tool, it pushes the 4 tabs back out of the way so they won't get caught on the flaring when you attempt to pull the connector off the line.With the connector pushed up onto the tube of the disconnect tube, you will then push both the connector and the tool away from the fuel rail. You might need to wiggle it back and forth but if you have the connector pushed up onto the tool far enough, it will provide enough clearance for the tabs to clear the flaring and the fuel line will disconnect from the fuel rail hard line.

How do you use a quick disconnect tool for fuel lines?

position/clamp the tool over the inlet flow tubing. hold tightly and push in towards the fuel filter to unlock the plastic clip of the pressure hose. pull the outlet clamp/lock up off and out of the way on the outlet side. perfom same procedure as the inlet side to disconnect it.

How do you replace the Fuel Injector on a 2002 Hyundai Accent?

disconnect the battery and disconnect the fuel line hookup to the fuel rail, remove the fuel rail support bolts and electrical connection. remove the rail from the engine. pull off each injector easily replace each fuel injector with seals. don't use the old seals.

How do you disconnect a quick connect water line?

hold the washer at the end of the coupling (use a tool if necessary) - push it inwards (opposite to the direction you want the water line you want to come out towards) and pull out the water line. That's it.

How do you put the fitting from the slave cylinder back into the clutch line on an 87 ford ranger?

U have to use a special "Quick Disconnect" tool. Usually about 5 bucks...

What is the special tool needed to remove the lower transmission line of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

Use a 3/8 inch quick disconnect fitting removal tool. Should be about 5 dollars from an auto parts store.