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Swing that sucker at your intended target at an angle. Man, that thing will go through all kinds of stuff!

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Where can you buy a kaiser blade?

Buy on Amazon...Great for trekking through the Amazon.

What does the term 'sling blade' mean?

its like a kaiser blade...cane knife..kinda like the thing the grim reaper carries but a shorter handle

How do you use storm blade in Dragonica?

To use storm blade in Dragonica online is to first launch your monster(s)in the air then after that quickly use storm blade and there you go you did storm blade

In the movie Sling Blade what is a Sling Blade?

A tool. A kaiser blade (also called a ditch bank blade, brush axe, or sling blade) is a heavy, hooked, steel blade at the end of a wooden handle usually 3 feet to 4 feet long, primarily used for cutting small to medium sized vegetation. It is double-edged, and both sides are usually kept sharp.

How do you loosen your bey-blade?

you use a key ring

What is a fencing blade?

a fencing blade is the weapon in which they use in fencing.

What blade does Wang Hao use?

The DHS hurrican Hao (blade)

What kind of saw do you use to cut stone?

A sharp one its not the saw you use-- its the blade-- you want to use a carbide tip diamond blade

What did Henry kaiser use assembly lines to produce?


Can you use sandpaper to sharpen a blade?

The question is very vague since there are so many types of blades in use. If you are asking about shaving blade the answer is "No". If you are asking about Putty blade the answer is "Yes". If you are asking about an hack saw blade the answer is "No" similar way the answer will be.

Oyster blade on whal clipper?

You can use any blade on any clipper, so long as you use the correct size.

How much does a diamond blade cost to make?

Your answer depends on the size of the blade and its ultimate use.

Kaiser Permanente How do you get out of Kaiser member?

You have to move to an area where Kaiser does not exist.

What type of sentence is in using a knife use the flat part of the blade?

In using a knife, use the part of the blade. = an imperative sentence.

How do you remove the blade from a disposable razor without bending the blade?

use a butter knife and only break the plastic, it wont bend the blade.

When steeling a blade which is better to use diamond or ceramic?

Nowadays, its better to use a diamond blade for better efficiency and long life of the blade. For the material like steel (which is hard), its better to use a general purpose diamond blade for this kind of material. Easy and less chipping on both end of the tool.

What scapel blade will your surgeon most likely use to make the incision into the artery?

11 blade

What nicknames does Kaiser Cosi go by?

Kaiser Cosi goes by Kaiser Cosi.

What has the author Ingolf Kaiser written?

Ingolf Kaiser has written: 'Ingolf Kaiser'

Can a manicurist licensed in WI use a razor blade for pedicures?

No, in WI it is illegal to use any form of blade or callus cutter for a pedicure.

What is animal kaiser?

animal kaiser is a game that you can play to win animal kaiser cards.

What nicknames does Aaron Matthew Kaiser go by?

Aaron Matthew Kaiser goes by Kaiser.

Does Kakashi need a blade to do lightning blade and can only use chidori if he dont have a blade?

Kakashi uses chakra to do chidori, he calls it the lightning blade because he once cut a lightning bolt in half with it!

Who was kaiser in germany?

Kaiser Wilhelm II

When do you get to use the assassin's blade in just cause 2?

It's not possible to obtain assassin's blade in Just Cause 2. You can only use mod, which gives you skin from Assassin's Creed. But it is only skin, without blade.