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Antagonize, just means to annoy or coerce someone into doing something they don't want to. as in:

Jack stop antagonizing Jill!


I hate Freddy he only serves to antagonize me further.
Jim kept talking about his sisters boyfriend, knowing that they had just broken up, Jims mother then turned to Jim and said, " Jim stop antagonizing your sister"

synonym; instigate

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How can you use the word antagonize in a sentence?

Please don't let the puppy antagonize the cat.

What is a sentence using antagonize?

Example sentence - She would not let her husbands daughters antagonize her.

A sentence with antagonize?

The policeman had to antagonize the criminal in order to get him to cooperate.

How can you use the word antagonized in a sentence?

1. I will antagonize you until you give me what I want. 2. Let's antagonize Jerry and make him cry.

What is antagonize in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of ANTAGONIZE: makipagtalo

How do you make a sentence with which makes in the sentence?

Presidents try their hardest but still make mistakes, which makes the people continue to antagonize them for being less than perfect.

What is the antonym of antagonize?


Which of the following word pairs best completes the analogy below comfort peace?

antagonize : fearantagonize : fear

Comfort is to peace as?

antagonize : fear

What is a synonym for antagonize?

Could try hostility.

Another word for annoy?

bother antagonize

What is a synonym for provocation?

Antagonize -

Other word for tease?

Provoke, antagonize, seduce.

Do obesity antagonize insulin?

Very much so.

What do antagonistic do?

The people against the subject being debated. _______________________________________ Antagonize.

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