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you just used it in your query.

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Can you use digression in a sentence?

The digression in the conversation wasn't subtle.To digress means to stray away or deviate from a topic in a conversation or argument.

What is a sentence for the word digression?

Working in this job was a digression from his long term goals.

Can you put the word digression in a sentence?

yes you can put in a sentence

Use digression in a sentence?

Progression is moving forward, building up, getting bigger... Digression is growing smaller, weaker, fewer. (Also moving off of a topic while speaking). So... "The rapid digression of the endangered species greatly worried the scientists."

How do you use the word trounce in a sentence?

"I was out to trounce on every digression and indiscretion conducted (or should I say semiconducted) in this performance"

What virtue opposes gossip?


What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for indecent assault?

The maximum sentence for indecent assault (sexual assault) is 20 years. This means that the sentence is at the digression of the judge, but by federal law it is not allowed to exceed 20 years.

What is a digression?

A turning aside from the subject at hand.

When are parentheses appropriate?

when you are signalling to the reader that you are making a digression

What is a technique used in novels to give lots of details?


What does digression mean?

is a section of a composition or speech that is an intentional change of subject. In Classical rhetoric since Corax of Syracuse, especially in Institutio Oratoria of Quintilian, the digression was a regular part of any oration or composition.

What does digressions mean?

DIGRESSION - a turning aside; getting off the main subject

What is the correct spelling of dieggression?

The common English word is "digression" (straying from the subject)..

Why would writers of the revolutionary period avoid writing fiction?

to avoid digression

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