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Franky, you sound stupid.

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Q: How do you use frankly in a sentence?
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Do you put a comma after frankly?

Yes, a comma is typically used after introductory words like "frankly" to separate them from the rest of the sentence. For example, "Frankly, I am not sure."

A sentence with knave and memorandum?

Frankly? "It would be unlikely to find knave and memorandum in the same sentence."

What kind of sentence is she is the student who one the contest?

frankly, it doesn't seem like a real sentence! sorry if I'm wrong!

How do you use the word reign in a sentence?

I frankly don't know. But reign can be easily used in a sentence. Such as this one.

Correct pronoun usage for the sentence this is a great picture of she and you?

This is a great picture of her and you. If you're not sure which pronoun to use, remove one pronoun and use the one that makes sense. Then replace the other one. Use this method with both pronouns if necessary. The same hold true when determining I and me usage. Frankly, the above sentence is awkward and should be rewritten.

How can you use the word affectation in a sentence?

(An affectation is a mannerism, habitual or contrived, that differs from natural expressions.)"He practiced a military affectation but he has never been in the service.""Mr. Pimbles had the odd affectation of beginning every sentence with the phrase 'quite frankly'.""It's affectation to compare the Oder to music."

What part of speech is frankly?

"Frankly" is an adverb. It is used to express sincerity or openness in speech.

How do you spell frankly?

That is the correct spelling of frankly (honestly).

When was Frankly a Cappella created?

Frankly a Cappella was created in 2000.

Do cockroaches survive in lava?

Frankly, Yes. Frankly, Yes.

How do you use praising in a sentence?

Praising means to give praise.He was always praising her for her hard work, even though frankly I think she barely ever did anything.People have been praising different Gods for millennia.He was very generous and was always praising people.

Is the sentence solar power is the only option for people who care about the environment an opinion?

Yes, it is an opinion. As it has not been scientifically proven, and quite frankly it is not the only option for them.