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How do you use gba and n64 roms together?

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You can modify GBA roms using a Hex editor, but it isn't easy to use.

That is impossible. You can use an emulator on your PC to play n64 roms though.

you can not use an gameshark N64 unless you have and USA N64 or get an Australian computer.

To get ds hombrew you need a flash cart such as R4, M3, CycloDS, or (if you also want to use gba roms) Neoflash. To get Homebrews just use a searh engine such as

Yes and No... Emulators can not use wifi outside the computer but it can hook up to another game by opening another link vba or no$gba

Yes you can but you need a GBA Player cable that hooks up to the Gamecube see there are 2 cables that let you use your GBA and give stuff or play stuff on the gamecube there is the GBA to GCN cable and the GBA player cable get the player cable and you will be able to play GBA games on the Gamecube.

No a N64 keyboard does not exist. You can play N64 games online using an emulator which you then use a keyboard to control, but there is no attachment keyboard for the N64 system. .j.

A DS's Slot-2 (GBA slot) is unable to use the DS's wireless capabilities, even if it's a GBA game which could use the GBA wireless adaptors. You can only use the online portions of a GBA game using an actual GBA and a GBA wireless adaptor.

No although it's impossible to use the GBA for the game. You can use the GBA to play the pokemon games that are compatible with Pokemon Stadium

If you use it to play Roms, it is.

It more depends on the rom, I use No$GBA and i have found roms that work and some that don't. Though i recommend actually getting the game cause its much harder to use the capture system with your mouse

No, the GBA slot of a DS is unable to use the wireless capabilities of the DS. You cannot link two DS's together to use the GBA part of the consoles. To do so, you must use actual GBAs and a link cable/GBA wireless adaptor.

There are lot of different saving options for N64 emulators, it comes down to your preference and what works. .j.

You press the "A" and "B" button together to use your engine gear.

No, the GBA part of a DS is unable to use the DS' wireless capabilities, even for games that supported the use of the GBA wireless adaptor.

A GBA action replay can have GBA cheats, but you can't put GBA cheats on an Action Replay DS even if you intend to use it on a regular DS with a GBA slot.

use a GBA Gameshark to get item event

Simply attach it to the top of your GBA if another GBA close by has one as well you can use them to trade Pokemon in firered version, leafgreen version and emerald version. That unfortunately was its only use.

If you're talking about the console game emulators, then you'll have to download them onto your computer from different sites such as or u can use Google to search "NES, SNES, N64, GBA, NDS, etc. emulators". Hope this helps! =D

Yes, there's a GBA Action Replay, GBA Xploder/Gameshark, as well as the Action Replay Max Duo which works on GBA games.

you have to migrate from gba or without gba trade or use action replay

Yes. You must use the gba-gc link cable.

The wireless adapter fits right on the back of the GBA. I have two GBA sp's. When it is on right it will cover almost the whole back end part. So you can't use a charger if you have it on.

No, you can't. Me and my brothers tried it. I really wished it did.

The GBA is not region locked, you can use a PAL GBA game on a GBA from the US for example. There is no other compatibility issue because all GBA consoles are inherently NTSC, PAL just refers to a region of distribution.

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