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Q: How do you use harley quinns hammer in Lego batman?
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Who is the best character in Lego batman?

harley Quinn

What is best character in Lego Batman?

Simply azrael, he has almost all of the ability's. Batman's OK and so is nightwing. Firefly has a awesome weapon and Harley Quin has a massive hammer so you decide.

Who is the jokers nemesis?

Harley Quinin is the side kick of joker in Lego batman

Where is hush in LEGO Batman DS?

Hush is the villain in the game Lego Batman on the DS. He is located by where Harley Quinn stands, which is in between the two batarangs on the clown door.

How do you kill harley Quinn in Lego batman 2 dc super heros?

you use Batmans Batarang and swing it at her when she throws the hammer well after she throws it!! this is not a lie and im a girl in i play this dont judge me! :)

How do you get to Harley Quinn in Lego batman Wii?

compite villans side....first episode of joker's return

What is the cheat to unlock Quincy from Lego batman?

It`s not quincy, it`s harley quinn.and anyway,there is no cheat for her.

Unlock harley Quinn on Lego batman?

you play as her and the joker in the 1st level of jokers story in the villains area

Where is hush in Lego batman Ds villain hunt?

Where Harley Quinn stands in between the two batarangs on the clown door

How do you beat harley quinn on lego batman?

chase her until she gets tired then attack again until she's defeated

How do you beat Harley in Lego Batman?

Check that there isn't a lever or switch to use to defeat Harley. Otherwise, use as many moves as possible without stopping, to win in a fight.

Can I get Lego Batman for the PC?

Yes, you can get Lego Batman for the PC.