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The phrase, 'its very cold', is grammatically incorrect. There you go!

The child's blue lips told me it's cold outside.

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I predict in winter it is going to be very cold.

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Q: How do you use its very cold in a sentence?
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How do you use Alaska in a sentence?

Alaska is a very cold place .

How do you use temperature in a sentence?

The temperature suddenly dropped and the room got cold, very cold.

HOW DO YOU Use the word antarctic in a sentence?

In Antarctica it has very cold weather.

Can you use contentious in a sentence?

They're a very contentious couple; if he says hot, she says cold.

How do use the word temperature in a sentence?

Everyday, the weather or temperature changes.

How do you use headscarves in a sentence?

Siberians must wear headscarves because the weather is very cold over there.

How do you use huskily in a sentence?

Just returning from the frozen north, they were very cold, and all of them spoke huskily.

How do you use impudent in a sentence?

He was very impudent towards the other boys on the football team. This sentence works since impudent means to be rude or cold to other people.

Can you give me a sentence with the word tundra?

this tundra is very cold.

How do you use thermals in a sentence?

thermals are used when cold

How do you use nigh in a sentence?

I think this is how you use nigh in a sentence: "It was a cold evening but morning was nigh." Hope this helps!!

What does the word frigid suggest about the tundra in the sentence?

The tundra is very cold