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the leaves are falling.

Edit: It can also be used as "Jon leaves the room."

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Q: How do you use leaves in a sentence?
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How do you use rustled in a sentence?

The leaves rustled in the wind.

Use the word leaves in a sentence?

I'm finished raking the leaves, now! Let's see what our deduction leaves. The boat leaves soon!

How do you use unvexed in a sentence?

Your ridiculous explanation leaves me unvexed.

Use latent in a sentence?

the treasure was latent under the leaves.

How can you use fragnance in a sentence?

My shampoo leaves my hair with a lasting fragrance.

Use the word AUTUMN in a sentence?

leaves turn colours in Autumn.

What sentence could you use with the word sloshing?

I sloshed through the leaves.

Can you use the word inferring in a sentence?

i inferred if the flower would have leaves.

How can you use intestines in a sentence?

Food leaves your stomach and passes into your intestines.

Can you Use the word sprung in a sentence?

the frog sprung out of the pile of leaves

How do you use the word earned in a sentence?

Example sentence - I earned money mowing lawns and raking leaves.

Hou do use zephyr in a sentence?

The zephyr blew the leaves very softly.