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we cant use set timeout function in php because it is of java script function

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What is the area of Settime?

The area of Settime is 6,700,000.0 square meters.

What is the use of a question mark in php?

It is used to tell the sever to use the PHP parser. To begin php you must use <?php, and to end it, it is ?>.

How do you use PHP in HTML?

You can't use PHP in an HTML document, but you can use HTML in PHP script.

What is Settime's population?

The population of Settime is 561.

Why should you use PHP and not JSP?

Firstly, this is wrong question. The right one would be WHEN should you use PHP, not JSP? or, WHEN should you use PHP and WHEN JSP?

How do you use XML in PHP?

PHP 5 has a XML parser called SimpleXML that you could use.

What is a PHP certificate?

PHP certification is received after doing some sort of PHP course, there are many out there to do. You can use them in your CV to help you get a job in PHP.

How do you create a web mail script using PHP?

You can use phpMailer() Or, you can use mail() PHP function to send emails via PHP script.

What are the PHP tags?

There are no PHP tags. Unlike HTML, PHP is not Markup language. They use scripts. An example would be <?php echo "Hello, World!"; ?>

How do you use the set time cheat on Spore?

Press Ctrl+Shift+C, then type in settime 0-24. This sets the hour of the day.

What scripting engine does PHP use?

PHP itself is a scripting language, and uses it's own PHP interpreter (engine).

Why do we use Php?

PHP is an Open Source Scripting Language. We can create Web Pages and Web Applications using PHP.

Can i use php without a php admin or account?

Yes, you can use PHP without any admin account. It is a programming language you can install on any computer and does not have accounts inherently.

How can you use frames in PHP?

In website development, frames are an HTML concept. There are no frames in PHP.

How do you find the PHP version in Linux?

In terminal use the following command. php -ver

Does TCS use php?

All big companies work in PHP. It is a growing technology.....

How do you install PHP on windows?

To test PHP on your computer you can use a localhost. I use XAMPP for my localhost and it hasn't failed me yet.

What is php 5.1 software?

That's PHP Engine.. Allow you to develop PHP Scripts.. you can use it to develop PHP Scripts and test it on your local machine before you send it to server.. (your website)

Where could one find information about how to use PHP 5?

You can find information about how to use PHP 5 online from the Sunlib website. Once on the page, click on the PHP Tutorial link in the top navigation bar to proceed to the PHP 5 information.

I have a HTML website I want to use a php script I have but the main php file has the info in it and I want it to be on the HTML site how can I embed or use the php code without using frames?

change the extention of the .HTML file to .php and then open the file that was previously HTML and put <?php include ("path/to/second/php/file.php"); ?> so for example if i have page1.HTML and page2.php i rename page1.HTML to page1.php and then put <?php include ("page2.php"); ?> where i want page2 to appear. Note: Any HTML file can be renamed to have a .php extention even if it doesnt contain any PHP.

What websites use PHP?

There are millions of websites that use PHP, some notable ones are Facebook, Digg, Wikipedia and many more.

How do you get PHP codes for writing on an image?

You can use the GD extension for PHP to edit image files.

How can files be converted into HTML using PHP?

To rename a file in PHP the easiest way to do it is to use the rename() function. <?php rename("before.txt", "after.html"); ?>

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