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Its simple, you simply wedge the glass and locate the vertical lock linkage connecting the vertical lock button (most fords) with the door latching mechanism.

If you attempt to grab the lock pawl you will break it clean off as it is fragile/brittle delrin plastic and is not a free play pawl on door locks on Ford trucks since 57 or so.

Some fords have a horizontal lock linkage inside the door with either a horizontal to vertical bellcrank mechanism or a direct pull pivoted lever arm, where the horizontal linkage terminates and connects to the arm witch pivots along the Y axis, the door lever pulls twords the Z axis and the linkage slides rearward across the y axis.

Other fords have a coaxial cable linkage for the door mechanism similar to that of a throttle cable and cannot be compromised .

In short if you locate the vertical lock linkage or the horizontal handle linkage, or the bell crank (if applicable) then you might be able to get a grip on it with an inverted "Z" tool, or a slidelock tool bent approximately 15 degrees about 10 inches from the working end, slide the correct linkage the correct direction and you will only have bent the spine of the window's exterrior silstrip.

Pull 2 or more lock rods off and you may not be able to open the door with or without a key from the inside or outside.

Sorry I cant be of more help, I don't really know much about cars and locks.

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The old standard "Slim Jim" won't work on that vehicle.

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A slim Jim tool is used on a 2002 Ford Taurus by inserting it between the windshield and door. It is used to unlock the vehicle when the keys are not present.

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How do you unlock your 98 Honda civic at home with no special tools on hand?

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How do you unlock a 2003 Honda Civicwith a slim Jim when you have locked your keys inside?

Newer cars have a plastic shield over the lock mehanism inside the door to prevent using a slim jim.

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A Slim Jim is meant to be used by professional locksmiths. They are used to slide down a vehicles window, such as a 1998 Honda Civic, a unlock the doors locks.

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