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He gots socket in the face

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Yes you can. An example is, "Can you hand me that socket?"

Extensions to a ring-main are made by running a spur from the nearest socket.

No, you cannot use a metrc socket on a standard socket wrench. These are two different systems of measurement and are not interchangeable.

Some Cpu's that use Socket A are Athlon Xp, Athlon Mp, Athlon Model 4 AMD's Athlons and Duron use Socket A, also known as Socket 462. The AMD Athlon and the AMD Duron use a 426-pin socket called Socket A. The Athlon Thunderbird

The effect of sticking his wet fingers in the wall socket was instantaneous, there was a vivid blue flash and he was flung across the room.

"I was dislodging a tooth from my ankle." OR "Dislodging the toothpick form my eye socket, I smacked Martha across the face."

The electrical socket was filled with plugs.

Pentium 4s were available in Socket 423, Socket 478, and LGA 775.

No you can't use a 415v motor in a 240 v socket.

Only use 110-120 volt appliances on a 110 volt socket.

Use a socket, an extender and a socket wrench.

Socket 462 has 453 contacts.

I7 Processors use socket LGA775.

Can you use a 120 volt bulb in a 130 volt socket?

Unscrew the socket and nut, use a punch to tap the nut out of the socket. Replace with a new nut.

Socket 1366 Socket 1156 Socket 1155 Socket LGA 2011 are in use presently

A socket wrench, an extender, and the appropriate socket.

Excuse me, miss, are you currently attached? My hand is attached to a chair. Please see the attached example. I have attached the power cord plug to the wall socket.

In order for this sentence to be correct as it is written one would have to add an s to Fixture and change the question mark to a period. The next best sentence would be written with the question mark remaining and 'Do' would be added as the first word in the sentence.It could read;Fixtures come complete with a high quality porcelain socket and lamp.orDo fixtures come complete with a high quality porcelain socket and lamp?orThe fixture came complete with a high quality porcelain socket and lamp.orThe fixture comes complete with a high quality porcelain socket and lamp.orThe fixture will come complete with a high quality porcelain socket and lamp.

There isn't a generalized way from the command line in Unix to connect to a socket; there are socket libraries you can utilize from within the 'C' language to assign, bind, and connect to a specific socket address. For example: int connect(int s, const struct sockaddr *name, int namelen); In Linux, you can use the 'socket' command to connect to a specific socket as: socket ?options? host port Where the host is the IP address and the port is the port number (giving you the socket address).

A Pentium 4 uses a 478 socket. The question, What socket did early Pentium processors use,, was put under this question. So to answer the early question and this question. A Pentium D -used socket-LGA 775 A Pentium M -used socket 423 A Pentium 3 - used socket 370 A Pentium 4- used socket -423, 478, LGA 775, There are different architectures for the Pentium 4's that why they used more then one socket, and not one, as stated above.

I had to use an Allen wrench, it wasnt a socket however my lesabre is a 93

CPU Socket Type LGA 1366. Hoped I Helped

i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

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