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Dial the phone number or answer the phone and once the phone says connected press speaker phone and then close the phone and it will still be on speaker phone. The most important thing is waiting till it's connected. Once you hear the other person's voice then you can close it and talk them with it closed.

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How do you shut down someones phone while bluetooth is on?

Drop it in a toilet.

Would download shut off on shut down?

only if you download while shut off is in operation

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animal ka

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Why does my phone become hot after i use it for a long time?

A few cell phones have been known to heat up and shut off after being used or while charging. This is a malfunction that is covered by the warranty and you should order a new phone as soon as possible.

How do you deactivate a stolen phone?

You will need to contact the Cell company and have them shut it off.You will need to contact the Cell company and have them shut it off.

Can you track a cell phone if service is shut off?

No, because there is no service or it is shut off, how would you able to connect without services?...Am I right?

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no. your contacts will stay in the phone as long as u don't physically delete it.

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It shuts off by itself if not used for a while.

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check fuel pump or ignition system

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