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you dont they fixed it

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โˆ™ 2013-05-01 13:24:32
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Q: How do you use the 120 block glitch on minecraft?
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How do you make carpet on Minecraft?

there is no "carpet" item/block in minecraft, but people use different colored wool as carpet for minecraft.

What can you use a block of gold for in minecraft pocket edition?


How do you use pick block in Minecraft on the mac?

Buy a mouse with a wheel or change the button required to use pick block.

What tool you use to get gold on minecraft?

You can use any pic-axe that is made of iron or higher. On the xbox version there is a glitch to get unlimited gold

How do you get water out of your house on Minecraft?

block it up or use a bucket to scoop it up .

What bottons do you use to build a block on minecraft?

By that i guess you mean place a block in which it is, RMB (Right Mouse Button). Ryan

How do you use buckets in minecraft?

To use a bucket you must right click on a water or larva source block

How do you destroy water on minecraft?

Classic: Place another block in its place then delete that block. Premium: Same as Classic. Or use a bucket to scoop it out.

How do you blow up tnt in minecraft pe ceative?

you can use a redstone torch or a redstone block thats about it to blow up a block of tnt

Can you use glitch in a sentence?

The website has a glitch.

How do you eat cake in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

the cake is a block that you place. after placing the block of cake you can then use on the cake for health 6 times.

How do you use a lever in Minecraft?

Place lever on block then click on it. You will need to have a redstone linked up to it for it to do anything.

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