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You simply take a MicroSD card and place it in the slot. That way, if the card is compatible with the phone in question, the phone should recognize it and you can then load data from it onto your phone, or save data onto the card from your phone.

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What is a MicroSD card slot?

A MicroSD card slot is an expansion slot on a cell phone that allows you to increase its memory.

How do you get a microSD card to work in a new phone?

Just insert it into the microSD slot. The cell phone will do the rest.

What is microSD card reader?

It is either a slot on your computer, or a USB device which has a slot. Basically it connects your MicroSD card to your computer.

How do you put a memory card in a mobile phone?

Some cellphones have a slot for a MicroSD card and some don't. If you have a cellphone with a MicroSD slot then it is simply slide the MicroSD card into that slot and make sure it latches in place (if it doesn't it will pop back out when you release it). If you have a cellphone without the slot you can't put a card in that phone.

What cell Phones have this slot on them?

There are many cell phones that has a sim card. Mostly, all cell phones come with a sim card because most of them are prepaid phones. Trac Fone, Verizon and there are many other phones that have a sim card.

What is a microSD slot?

The microSD slot is a slot that will read a small memory card, like what would go into a digital camera. SD stands for Secure Digital.

What is MicroUSB?

A microusb is something you put a microSD card in the you put the microUSB into your usb slot to download to the microSD

Does Samsung Galaxy Note support a 32 GB micro SD card?

Yes, it does have a microSD slot to support a 32gb microSD card.

How do you upload photos to my cell phone?

a data cable from computer to cell if your phone is bluetooth you can make your computer bluetooth and beam them email them to: +(yournumber) upload to microsd card... if your phone has that card slot

Does the ATT tilt come with a microSD chip?

The Tilt has a microSD expansion slot, but you will have to buy your own card. Try eBay for the best pricing on microSD cards.

how much memory is in a nokia phone?

It depends on the type of nokia phone that you have. Most nokia phones has a microSD card slot so you can add more memory to your phone.

What are some of the features of a samsung d807?

It has a 1.3-megapixel camera, a slide-out keyboard, bluetooth, and a microSD card slot. http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/samsung-sgh-d807-black/4505-6454_7-31660630.html has a decent review of it.

Does a 2GB memory card fit in a EnV3?

The microSD memory card slot supports up to 16GB

How do you plug in a psp memory stick in a computer?

A psp takes a card called MicroSD. To put this card into your computer, you will need a MicroSD adapter, normally it will come with the card. Of course, you can not put this adapter into your computer if you do not have a SD card slot, so you will have to buy a USB microSD card adapter.

Does the LG Scoop take a micro SD card?

Yes it can. I have an LG scoop and it has a slot on the side that you can open and it will alow a microSD card to be put into it. I have a Kingston 4g microSD card that I use for my Scoop. Hope that this helps.

Were to put the microsd card in the nokia 5000d 2?

actually i dosent have any slot for merorycards

How do you put music on your ds lite for free?

You can't if you only have a DS Lite. But if you have a flash cart such as R4 or M3, you can by downloading them onto a MicroSD card. Flash carts have a MicroSD card slot on them.

How can i get a used sim card for a sidekick3?

all phones have the same sim card slot!

What is the difference between micro sd and micro sdhc?

MicroSD cards are older than MicroSDHC cards and due to their design, can not be manufactured to hold more than 2GB of data. MicroSDHC cards can hold more than 2GB of data and are typically faster. The extra "HC" stands for "High Capacity". You can not use a MicroSDHC card in a device that has a MicroSD slot (Camera, card reader, MP3 player, etc), but you can use a MicroSD card in a device that has a MicroSDHC slot.

What type of cell phone is the motorola i580?

Motorola i580 is a high-end phone which supports a megapixel camera and microSD memory card slot in a ruggedized clamshell body. It is an old type of flap phone.

What is a SD card slot?

a sd card slot is a slot where you put a memory card.Usually when you are about to put some sort of memory onto something.Sd cards are usually found in digital cameras, or some cell phones, like if i were to use a sd card on a wii it would be mostly used to put pictures on it or transfer files onto it.

Can you remove your battery from mobile phone when not in use?

Yes. You can always remove a battery from the phone. The battery cover is usually at the back of the phone. As long as you keep the sim card in, you normally won't have to do any time/date or location resets. In some phones, you can access the microSD card slot from the same cover.

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