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The crustacean in the lobster trap is a lobster.

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You have to get the crab pot for the sailer then he will give you the containtens [a crab] you can use the crab as a crank.

you use it to go scuba diveing for some kind of crab trap thing thats in the water (you will get to it sometime)

It is a lobster, not a crab. Use the lobster like pliers to turn the lighthouse light around. This will scare away the seagull on top of the school bell tower. (see related question)

On Big Nate Island, you use a lobster (no kidding) to turn the lighthouse crank. (see the related question below)

You use it on Big Nate Island by the lighthouse.

you use it to turn the light on the lighthouse

Big Nate IslandGo to the school into the lab and use the cooker on the desk to mix the chemicals so its a swamp green. It will then begin to smell and you get it to use as a stink bomb.

The only known use of the cement is to climb the scaffold.

You go to the harbour and click on the jet skies. after that you will compete with Nate to the island with the map.

You don't use the boat on Big Nate island. When you have recovered Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap, he will give you the keys to his jet ski. Look through the telescope atop the lighthouse to see where you are headed. You also have to outrace Nate.

No, i am afraid not if this question is for big nate island.

you use the seals to weigh it out to one side

you go to the light in the lighthouse. go into the items box and press use on the the lobster

you use the smoke bomb from the science lab and use it in the detencion room.

all you have to do is use the gum you have and you will automatically get detention by one of the teachers.

use the lobster that you can get after completing cap'n salty's quest

You use it when you get put in detention for chewing gum so you can get into the filing cabinet.

Use the pieces of metal jutting out from the lighthouse to jump on and quickly ascend to the top.

It is used in detention, so as to be allowed near the file cabinet.

There are crabs all over on Poptropica, so you have to specify an island.Time Tangled Island - on this older island, clicking the crab makes him explodeBig Nate Island - it is a lobster, not a crab, that you recover by swapping the old photo for the diving suit and diving at the lighthouse. The lobster can turn the lighthouse light.Steamworks Island - get the robot crab by climbing to the Living Quarters and jumping on top of him. Use the key to enter Sully's paraphernalia. Once you have the robot Sprocket, you can use him to drop the robot crab on the hot hatch, which will cool it down.Wimpy Boardwalk - the crab is used to recover the $20 bill at the end of the quest. Once you have the toy helicopter, use the slippery lotion to free Rowley from the fun house slide, and you get some Fish Sticks. Use the sticks to bait the hook on the copter and catch the crab at the ocean.(see related questions below)

To get under the playground you have to use the crackers to bring the dog over to dig the hole. After this you will find the time capsule and Nate will take the credit.

The game expects you to find a reason to use the jet ski. Where are you going? The solution is to climb the lighthouse and use the telescope. Once you see the small "seal island" to the right, you can race Nate there on the jet ski.

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