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After you space jump, press B again.

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How do you get out of the Screw Attack place in Metroid Prime 2?

Use the Screw Attack and its midair jumps (maximum of 5) to reach the door and leave. This takes some timing, but it's not too hard. You'll also need the Screw Attack to get back across the Grand Abyss afterward.

Can you use Metroid Prime 3 data in Metroid Prime Trilogy?


Are there cheat codes to use in metroid prime?

no there is no cheat codes in metroid prime and none in any other metroid prime games either.

Can you use the phazon beam anywhere on metroid prime 1 trillogy?

No, you have to use it while fighting the metroid prime.

How do you use the hyper screw attack in Metroid fusion?

run until you activate the speed booster and keep pressing a at a good rate

Can you use metroid fusion connection bonuses on metroid prime trilogy?

No, but you can connect to Metroid Prime for two bonuses. They are: 1: If you beat Metroid fusion and connect, you will be playing the classic Metroid arcade game. 2: If you beat Metroid Prime and connect, you will be able to play as Samus in the Fusion Suit.

Does Metroid Prime Trilogy let you use Gamecube controllers and memory cards for Metroid Prime 1 and 2?

No, it doesn't.

How can you use the phason beam in Metroid?

well there are two metroid games that use this powerful arm cannon upgrade and that is metroid prime in the end of the game and metroid prime 3 where all you have to do is press the + button on the wii remote to activate along with othe phazon laced weaponry

Is Metroid prime trilogy three separate games or is it 3 separate games in one case?

Metroid is a game series. Metroid Prime is a sub-series within the Metroid series developed by Retro Studios. It is made up of three games and uses a first-person perspective. The three games are Metroid Prime (GCN), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN) and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii). Metroid Prime Trilogy is a Wii game made up of all three games from the Metroid Prime series combined onto one disk. The first two games have also been updated to use the Wii remote's pointer function and to support widescreen.

Where can you find the Korean version of Metroid Prime for GameCube in the US?

umm maybe ebay or if you use emulators you could google korean metroid prime rom hope i helped:)

Can you save in metroid 3?

Metroid 3, or Super Metroid, has save stations placed throughout the game. Same goes for Metroid Prime 3. In both games you can use your gunship for saving and ammo refill.

How do you build bomb in metroid prime 3?

use the grapple hook that you have on your ship.

Is Metroid prime trilogy going to use wi fi for multiplayer?

No, But that would be totally awesome.

How do you defeat FirSpawn in Metroid Prime Hunters story mode?

first, use the missles and/or Volt Driver if you have it. second, you should hide behind walls and come out every few seconds to attack. That is how I defeated it.

Unlocking original metroid in Metroid Prime without GBA cable?

It is impossible to do without use of a cheating device such as the Action Replay. You need to beat both Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime and connect them so you can play the original. Or buy Metroid Zero Mission and complete that to unlock it as a menu option. Or buy the Classic NES Series game for GBA. "Samus, shoot everything that moves and then look around."

Could you use the classic controller for Metroid prime trilogy?

Sorry to say but you can't . You can only use the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

Why cant you use your action replay on WiFi with Metroid prime hunters?

you can but you have to get the right codes for it like camochao's in

Where do you get the Imperialist in Metroid Prime Hunters?

The Imperialist is found on Arcterra, after beating a Frost Spawn. You need to use the Magmaul to open the way to it.

Does samus transform into a monster in any Metroid games?

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus can transform into Dark Samus. This will only happen if you use the PED and become overloaded with phazon in the process, resulting in a game over.

How do you use the Chozo Observatory in Metroid Prime 3?

You need to get the spider ball upgrade later in the game. Use the probes and they will update your map with all the hidden collectibles.

Can the two remaining elite pirates break free in the omega research in Metroid prime?

Yes, if you use the power bomb on them, then their chamber will open.

How do you use voice chat in Metroid Prime Hunters?

Voice chat can only be used in online multiplayer matches. You just speak into the microphone to voice chat.

How do you unlock Metroid in ssbb?

Metroid is an Assist Trophy, and a starter one at that. You can not use it, it's only an assisting character.

How did metroid prime get its name?

Surprisingly, there is actually a few reasons that tie together. First, "Metroid Prime" was the first 3D metroid saga shooter, so since it was the "1st" 3D game for the saga (which we can use the number 1 as a reference), it relates to the number 1 as being a "prime" number. Second, Retro Studios completely built this game as a storyline addition to "Metroid II" to include a whole new world, whole new enemies (and some old), and new quest. It lamen's terms, this would make it unique, or "prime". Third, basically, the title of the game is used as a description for the first Metroid Prime game being the "prime" of the saga, meaning it's best yet (also see it's ratings to confirm this). Fourth (and probably the most simple), it can be used to describe the final boss of the game. This game ended up being one of the best gamecube games ever created and these four reasons are why. -Jake

How do you stay invisible in Metroid Prime Hunters?

2 WAYS.... 1.Use trace`s alt-form 2.Action-replay (hacks) ---------------------------------------------------- I own an M3 DS REAL that's what i use to hack.....