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How do you use the tachymeter in the Armitron watch?


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August 12, 2011 3:29PM

The tachymeter will tell you how many times something will happen in one hour. For instance, if you time a car going around a one mile track, the tachymeter will tell you that the car was traveling at X mph. If the track is only a half mile, then divide by 2 to get mph (and etc. for other distances).

You can use it to tell how many times any event happens in an hour. Time how long it takes for a machine to produce 1 widget and the tachymeter will tell you how many it makes per hour.

It can also be used to compute distance if you know your rate of speed. Say you're on a plane that you know is travelling at a constant 400 mph. Start timing at one point and stop when you want to know the distance. If your tachymeter stops at 100, you know you've traveled four miles. 400 mph/100 = 4.