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You can can use the word "enhance" to enhance your sentences. Enhancing your sentences makes them so much better.

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Q: How do you use the word enhance in a sentence?
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How would you use the word enhance as an adverb in a sentence?


How would you write a sentence using the word enhance?

Example sentence - He would use lighter colors of paint to enhance his paintings.

How can you use the word enhance in sentence?

I have been drinking sports beverages to enhance my workout skills. Good?😃

When to use horribly in a sentence?

Horribly is an adjective. It is a word that is used to describe a noun. Use the word horribly when you want to enhance a bad situation.

Use enhance in a sentence?

Would you like me to enhance your TV quality?

Give you a sentence with the word enhance?

The brown eyeshadow will enhance your blue eyes. Find a dress that will enhance your figure.

Sentence with the word evasion?

Ninjas train to enhance their skills of evasion

Use the word magnify in a sentence?

Magnify means to enhance or enlarge an object to make it look bigger than it is. A sample sentence is: "They used a lens to magnify the images on the map".

A sentence with the word enhance?

Wendy took an internship to enhance her resume. The sprinkles enhanced the look of the ice cream sundae. weightlifting can enhance muscle tone. Grady tried to enhance the image.

What is a sentence with enhance?

I am trying to enhance my vocabulary.

What are some great examples of the word enhance in a sentence?

"Mary always used mascara to enhance the length of her eyelashes." OR "Photographs or illustrations usually enhance the appeal of a magazine article."

How do you use the word griefstricken in a sentence?

Answer: How do you use the word griefstricken in a sentence?

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