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The future tense of kneel is will kneel.

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Can you use are as past tense?

No. The word "are" is present or future tense. The past tense would be "were".

What is the future tense of can?

"Can" doesn't have a specific future tense.You could use "be able to" instead for the future tense.Although "can" is the accepted answer, "able" would be a better used wordThe word "could" works well for past and future tense as in "he would if he could"

What is the future tense of migrate?

The Future tense of migrate is "Will migrate", the word (will) or (shall) can be use when the sentence is future. EX: My parents (migrate) "will migrate" to Canada next year

When you will use the word going to in the future tense?

An example is "I am going to answer this question."

Is the word account in the past tense or future tense or present tense?

The word account can be used as a noun and a verb. If you use account as a verb, present tense is account, past tense is accounted, future tense - account and accounted can be used depending on the use of be verb. Example: Present tense: We account everything today Past tense: Everything has been accounted. Future tense: We will account everything tomorrow. Tomorrow, everything will be accounted.

Can we use the word now in future tense?

'Now' talks about the present so it can only be used in the present tense.

Past present and future tense for the word USE?

* today I use * yesterday I used * tomorrow I will use

Is the word cut present or past tense?

The word cut is both present tense and past tense because you can use it in something that has happened, happening or going to happen. It's also a future tense.

Can you use the future tense of have in possession?

Yes. For example, "They have in their possession..." can be changed from present tense to future tense by changing it to "They will have in their possession..."

Calculate use it in a past present and future?

Past tense - calculated. Present tense - I/you/we/they calculate. He/she/it calculates. Future tense - will calculate.

Can you use ed for future tense?

No, -ed is used for the past tense.

How do you use the word deliver in future tense?

The future tense uses the helping verb "will." If you mail this letter today, the post office will deliver it tomorrow. Or, she is working hard on her project, and she will deliver the results by Friday.

What is the past tense and future tense verb of be?

Past - there is nothing like that to use grammatically, but the natural replacement is 'Was'. Future - will be.

How do you use future tense?

The simple future tense refers to something that will happen in the future.It follows this structure:Subject + Will + Verb.e.g. I will sing.

Future perfect tense uses the verb to have in the future tense and?

It also use the auxiliary verb "will".The future perfect tense follows this structure:Subject + Will + Have + Past Participle.e.g. I will have danced.

When to use give instead of gave?

"Give" is in the present tense, or could be future tense. "Gave" is in the past tense. Use give when you are talking about doing it soon, or in the future. Use gave when you are talking about something you already did.

How do you use wear in a sentence?

i will wear that dress tonight. wear is more of a future tense word. hope this helps!

What is the future tense for assign?

The spelling will stay the same as present tense. The use of "will" in front as an adverb determines the future tense (e.g. ' I will assign seats tomorrow. ' ).

How do you say he will in Spanish?

Whenever you say "will" in spanish, you have to use some conjugation of the future tense. To conjugate verbs in the future tense, you leave the verb whole and add the future tense to the end. The future tense ending for 'He' is á He will eat: Comerá He will sing: Cantará He will be: Estará

When can you use future simple tense?

To talk about something that is going to happen in the future.

When do you use future tense?

The future tense is used to talk about something that hasn't happened yet but is going to happen at some point in the future. For example: I will study.

How do you use bask in a sentence?

To use the word bask you would need to write the sentence in the present tense. Example sentence: When I go to the beach I bask in the sun. (basked is in the past tense, will bask is in the future)

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