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Questions and answers related to English future tenses: future basic, future progressive, future perfect and future perfect progressive.

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What is future tense of close?


Grammatical Tenses
Future Tenses

What is the future tense of get?

will get

Future Tenses

Will be run or will be ran?

will be run

Grammatical Tenses
Future Tenses

What is the future tense of visit?

I will visit.

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Future Tenses

What is the future tense of the word remark?

Will remark.

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How do you choose an ISP?

Here's some advice from the Federal Consumer Information Center:

Telephone and cable companies may provide this service, and there are many other companies to choose from as well. Some provide just the basics -- e-mail and access to the Internet. Other providers offer extra benefits such as their own online shopping "malls, chatrooms, and customized services."

Ask your friends and relatives what providers they use and if they're happy with the service they receive.

If you plan to connect through a phone line, choose a service that has a local number to dial in so you won't have to pay toll-charges while you're online.

Look for companies you can reach both online and offline (by a local or toll-free number) if you need help and that have customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find out what features different providers offer and decide which are most important to you.

Compare prices. Some providers charge flat monthly fees; some charge by the minute; and others may give you a choice or combination of both. Some even provide free service, but you may have advertisements appear on your screen in exchange.

Know the provider's privacy policy. Find out what information is collected about you, how that information is used, and how you can control your personal information.

Pay attention to security. Find out how your personal information is protected from inappropriate access by others outside and inside the company.

Some Internet service providers (ISPs) offer discounts if you sign up for a long-term contract and pay in advance. But things change quickly, and companies come and go. It may make more sense to sign up for service that gives you the flexibility to change to another provider easily if you choose.

Note that most providers allow you to review your monthly expenses online instead of sending you a separate itemized bill. If you note unexpected charges from your ISP, call for an explanation. If you're not satisfied with the explanation, or think you may be the victim of fraud, write a letter to your credit card company and/or your state Attorney General.

  1. 1 most important criteria

if you are using a dial-up (telephone) connection, will the dial-up telephone number be a local (unlimited) call for you? if not, your phone bill may be ridiculous if DSL or cable modem is a valid choice, it becomes simply a matter of who offers it in your area and price

Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a service provider (ISP): Will you usually access the Internet from only one location, or do you travel and need to work from different locations using a laptop computer? If you travel, you definitely want an ISP with either a nationwide access number (at local call rates) or an ISP with many dial-up local access numbers.

Do you need high-speed or permanent Internet access, rather than ordinary dial-up modem access? Meeting these requirements is more expensive, and may involve equipment (such as a cable connection) that you can't take with you when traveling. If you choose a high-speed or permanent-access plan, be sure you can access your account by modem as well.

Do you want or need the additional services that some ISPs (like AOL) provide? If not, consider a cheaper provider, but make sure they have the services you do need.

Do you want to use the "home page" space provided by your ISP to host your business pages? If so, will your ISP let you have your own domain name? How much extra will they charge for hosting your own domain name? (See also What's the connection between your ISP, your e-mail address, and your website address (URL)?)

If you travel, be sure your ISP provides POP3, SMTP, and Webmail services. You need to be able to receive and send your e-mail using any e-mail reader (such as Eudora or Outlook Express) and using a web-based interface - not just using the ISP's own interface.

Do you want newsgroup access? If so, make sure your ISP provides that; not all do.If you are planning to have your own website, be sure your ISP allows FTP access, so you can upload your pages, preferably using your choice of FTP software, not just theirs.

Future Tenses

What is the future tense of sew?

Future tense - will sew

Future perfect - will have sewn

Future Tenses

What is future tense for create?

  • Create.
Grammatical Tenses
Future Tenses

What is the future perfect tense of give?

The future perfect tense is will have given.

Grammatical Tenses
Future Tenses

Future tense of speak?

Will speak.

Future Tenses
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What are the conjugations of the French verb chanter in future tense?

je chanterai

tu chanteras

il chantera

nous chanterons

vous chanterez

ils chanteront

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List of verb in present tense past tense future tense?

Walk - walked - will walk.

Work - worked - will work.

Play - played - will play.

Laugh - laughed - will laugh

is was are

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Future Tenses

Future Tense Of Sings?

will sing

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What do you do for a gummy smile?

There are 3 primary solutions for treating a gummy smile: 1)orthognathic surgery, 2) crown lengthening, 3) lip lowering surgery.

Orthognathic surgery is invasive and often requires the jaw to be cut and wired shut for a period of time. Orthognathic surgery is usually very expensive and is only used in the most severe gummy smile cases. This procedure is typically performed by an oral surgeon.

Crown lengthening (aka gingivectomy ) is a less invasive procedure that reshapes the gum line to make a more appealling smile. For mild gummy smile cases, crown lengthening can be an effective and affordable solution. This procedure is often performed by a dentist or periodontist.

Lip lowering surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is an increasingly popular solution for gummy smiles. This procedure modifies the position of the lip and surrounding gum tissue to create an attractive smile. This procedure is effective for mild to severe cases of gummy smiles, and has been popularized by Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Alex Farnoosh.

More information about these procedures can be found on Dr. Farnoosh's website:


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Future Tenses

Is there any proof that a person's future can be seen through fortune telling?

IAny prediction is based on what could happen, you always have free will to change anything at anytime. So, no they can not predict the future.
  • I have had my palm read. Very interesting. The reader was able to tell many things about me from careful observation, and his predictions were based upon that quick assessment that he made of me. I believe that he was extremely astute in figuring out many things about me quickly. Some people have very good intuition, and they have learned how to listen to it. I was quite impressed with his predictions. However, they were not specific enough to say that they came true. The predictions were more along the lines of "These are strong possibilities" based upon my skills, temperament, education, and past experiences. Some items have come true because I was already headed in a certain direction, and it was obvious enough when I had my palm read. Other items he predicted were vague enough that it is hard to say how true the predictions were. These things are not exact. My advice is to enjoy the experience of getting your fortune told, or your palm read, but don't take it literally. We all must figure out our own lives, make our own decisions, and take responsibility for our actions.
  • This happens all the time, but most people tend to believe only successes, since it's boring to say, "I had my palm read, and nothing happened." No one knows the future, but some people are very good at guessing and telling people what they want to hear.
  • The future is something very complicated, anything can happen to change it, the flick of my wrist could drastically change something, in Quantum Physics, it states that probability is the judgment of future, and that there are many outcomes that can come from one thing. This means that the future is ever-changing and almost impossible to tell, but it is still fun to experience a fortune teller.
  • For the most part they are charlatans and not to be trusted. As the first poster described the reader is very astute at reading the character of the person. For instance: If the woman's hands are soft, she has long nails, then she could have an office job or be fairly wealthy where she doesn't have to work with her hands, but if they are rough she is obviously in a hard labor job such as cleaning houses, being out in the weather re her job, etc. Sometimes the client is not aware they are giving out information. Example: The fortune teller may say, "I see someone here that loves you very much. Their name starts with an M ... Maria ... Mary?" The client without thinking gets excited and says, "That's my grandmother Margaret!" The fortune tellers works off that information. I have had two experiences and one was a lady that told me mostly about my past and was right on. I honestly didn't say a word and when she was quiet I remained quiet. I had taken off my engagement ring (it was during the winter and I had no white mark on my finger) and she told me right off the bat to "put your engagement ring back on!" The other fortune teller I saw was a famous man named David, and he was an extremely hyper individual. He did not know my last name. He told me my father was there. Of course I rolled my eyes because I had gone there more for entertainment than anything else. What shocked me the most was my father had a very unusual name "Ira". David said, "Your father Ira is here and he apologizes for slapping you across the face when he had his stroke!" There was no way just anyone could know this. This actually happened to me when my father was ill. He told me many things about my past and I was shocked, but very little about my future. I do believe that God has given a great gift to a very few people (to heal not only diseases, the mind, body and soul.) I do believe there are a very few people out there that can help the police locate missing people of all ages (there is a lady in England, and two ladies in the U.S. that work with the police) but, if it's a gift from God then no one should make huge amounts of money from the poor people that come for help and it's lower than a snake's belly to pretend you are talking to someone that has passed on. I never go to them anymore. Life is full of surprises and it's sad if someone were to tell our future ... sort of like knowing what your gift is before you open the present.
  • If they have, then it is by pure coincidence. Not because of any type of fortune teller. Everything what happens is from God!
  • When a person who is sensitive enough to perceive higher vibrations tells your future, so to speak, they are simply sensing what you have set into motion through your own thought processes. What so many fail to tell you is that since you have set these things into motion that you can also change them to have different results. I see it as an irresponsible use of one's ability to perceive. The ones with the correct intention will definitely tell you this. Your thoughts, conscious or unconscious are potentially creative. We are creators by nature since our Father is one. Anyone may elect to become familiar with this vital part of themselves. As long as you choose to believe that people who can see have been given a special gift, then you will continue to sell yourself short. The truth is that we were all given the same gift of life and choice, this is all. Things of the mind can be learned just as anything else can be learned. If you wanted to learn how to play tennis you would want to find a good teacher. The same is true with learning about yourself, and learning how to construct your own future is available from many sources. Start from your current level of understanding and mentally ask what's next. Then observe, pay attention to what opens up to you. Through enough personal research, anything can be known. If you choose to take someone elses opinion only, you are essentially allowing others to control your life. The key is to find out for yourself on things of a personal nature. Everyone needs to know how their mind works and how to cause it to work more efficiently. This was built into the very fiber of our being from the beginning and to ignore this is the single most important element in the problems we experience. Yes a fortune teller can tell your future or at least tell you something for your money. You can do as well or better.
  • The reason "fortune tellers" cannot tell your truefuture is that they are not in tune with the one that holds your future. They can only read thoughts and study cards. However, all occult practices are said to "channel demons" to give you answers you seek. All spiritual gifts require a spiritual source. If you access information illegally through spirits or demons then you are asking for a False Wordbecause demons only know what is, not what is to come.
  • Please do not dabble in this sort of thing. It is pure evil, and should be avoided. Trust in Jesus Christ to help you, as he is ever merciful and loving. No.... Like the person above me... ask Jesus Christ to help you and guide you my friend... for we all are his children and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • I have known what will happen before it did. I have also had readings that were so far off I was angered I payed for them. Proof is hard to come by for the world is always flowing and you should trust yourself and in whatever higher power you believe in over going to some random person.
  • Close your your eyes and picture yourself going to a fortune teller and asking them to tell you your future. Once you've done this go to a fortune teller and ask them to tell you your future, and viola! You have proof. You have seen your own future through fortune telling.
  • This is actually more complex a question than many people might first admit. First lets start with the basics. As far as we can tell (through serious scientific investigation) there is no evidence that any sort of psychic phenomenon (including clairvoyance) exists. Most (if not all) psychics are indeed practicing what is called cold reading, a rather straight forward process of asking general questions and reading body language to determine what to ask next. Everyone practices this to some extent or another, though typically subconsciously, but psychics, salesmen and carnival barkers have honed it into an art over the years. Sometimes the psychic themselves doesn't know their faking it. However, all of that being said, here's something to think about: in equations for quantum mechanics, there is increasing evidence that certain zero-point, or massless, particles (photons, electrons and others) may indeed travel backwards in time. While the jury's still out as to what the ramifications of this may be, it is interesting to consider that at some point in the future, we may be able to detect these particles and possibly even get information from them which would be a strange sort of psychic communicator. Gotta love technology.
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What is meant by mp3 player?

An MP3 player is a device that can store, and when activated, interpret and convert the data inherent in an MP3 file into low voltage electrical signal patterns that will be converted to sound/vibrations when sent to a speaker/headphone device.

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What is an open yacht?

A yacht with an open cockpit.

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How do you send flowers anonymously so that the receiver will not be able to determine who sent them?

Phone your local florist. Just like your doctor, etc., if you request your name not be given they have to abide by your wishes, so even if the person went into the floral shop they will not give out this information.

Simply tell your florist what type of flowers you want (or ask for suggestions) then tell them on the card you want, "To ________ (THESE ARE EXAMPLES: Just to say I love you or "an admirer" or "just because you're you." You can put what you feel you want on the card or no card at all.

Future Tenses

What is a future tense for grills?

The simple future tense of "grill" is: I will grill.

Future Tenses

What is the future perfect progressive tense of repair?

Will have been repairing.

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What is meant by objectivity?

Unaffected by personal opinions, beliefs or prejudices.

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What is the pronunciation of garelick?

Garelick Farms (the New England dairy) has a website with promotional videos, and in those, the name is pronounced "Guh-REL-ick." Stress on 'rel,' with the last two syllables sounding like the word "relic."

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How do you differentiate between the future tenses?

Simple future tenseThis simply uses the modal auxiliary "will' before the verb.
  • For example: Will find.
Future continuous tenseThis talks about an action at a particular moment in the future. It follows this structure:
  • Subject + Will + Be + Present Participle.
  • For example: I will be working.
Future perfect tenseThis talks about the past in the future. It follows this structure:
  • Subject + Will + Have + Past Participle.
  • For example: I will have finished.
Future perfect continuous tenseThis talks about a long action before a point in the future. It follows this structure:
  • Subject + Will + Have + Been + Present Participle.
  • For example: I will have been traveling.
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How do you become a savant?

well, of all the videos and documentarys ive seen, you could say.... you have to lower your IQ in order to become more intelligent or savant you might say.... then have some sort of accident and have brain damage that increase your brain in some areas you don't and we don't use.... so thar injure, actuallly help your brain to be more smart....


******* Answer #2*********

You can't BECOME a savant intentionally. Research has shown that the difference between a savant's brain and an average person's brain is the left anterior temporal lobe.

A scientist called Allan Snyder became intrigued with the ability shown by savants and posed the question that if these select few human beings could realize so much potential, is it possible that other, ordinary humans are also capable of such feats? He has worked with numerous savants and performed numerous tests.

He has found a test that actually induces savant-esque qualities in ordinary humans. I don't know much about it but I do know that the effects were fleeting.

If you want to find out more, Google "Allan Snyder" and I'm sure you'll find something.


Answer #3

Though this is not true savantism, you can train your mind to think of everything in math visually. Instead of thinking of one fourth as needing four of those to make a whole, actually imagine a 3-d object floating in space-time, and imagine empty space which represents the four of those objects to make a whole.

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What is meant by neutralisation?

The PH level of chemicals have different PH levels ranging from 1-14, in your case, neutralisation means mixing two chemicals of different PH levels so that they both cancel each other's PH level and making the PH level of the solution 7.

Or you could say making a chemical neutral Ie OK to swallow...

Neutralization is the process of bringing a substance or solution with a pH other than 7 to a neutral state (pH of 7) by adding either acid or base.


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