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E.g. "How do you use the word plentiful in a sentence?"

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I am plentiful as blackberries

Berries are plentiful this season. The plentiful wren is a common bird.

there were plentiful cupcakes for the whole grade There were plentiful bad answerson this article?

We love to visit the orchard in the fall when apples are plentiful.

to make alot or enough

The supplies were plentiful

A cornucopia is a symbol meaning abundance or plentiful. An example of a sentence would be: "The family had a cornucopia of food on the table at Thanksgiving".

Salmon are plentiful in these rivers when they are spawning.

In the summer, good tomatoes are plentiful; in the winter we can only get tomatoes shipped from far away.

Abundant is a different word for plentiful.

The word "plentiful" is derived from the word "plenty".

Plenty is the base word for plentiful.

The summer harvest was plentiful with many fruits and vegetables.

Yes, that is the correct spelling for the word plentiful.Some example sentences are:Food was plentiful at the wedding.I think that is plentiful enough.

The word plentiful is the antonym of scarce.

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more plentiful comparativemost plentiful superlative

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The 6 letter word for plentiful is Plenty.

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