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1. you did just use that word in a sentence

2. if a doctor would use the word tumor in a sentence they would probably say "we need to remove the tumor from this persons body."

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Q: How do you use the word tumor in a sentence?
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How would you use the word excise in a sentence?

The surgeon carefully excised the tumor from the left side of the man's head.

How do you use malignat in a sentence?

The tumor is malignant.

Sentence with the word malignant?

The tests show that the tumor is malignant.

Malign in a sentence?

The tumor was tested and the doctor said it was malignant. That is a great sentence to use since the word means infectious disease.

How do you use sentence with tumor?

Many people have brain tumors.

Use occult in a sentence?

He dabbled in the occult. she had an occult tumor.

Can you give me a sentence including the word benign?

The tumor was benign; it was not harmful for now.

Use malignant in a sentence?

The oncologist informed her patient that the tumor was malignant.

How do you use tumor and cancer in the same sentence?

The cancer had caused the cells to form a tumor; whether it was malignant or benign was unknown.

Make a sentence with the word benign?

A tumor was removed from Billy's lung, but thankfully it was benign.

Can you help me make a sentence with the word malignant?

The tumor is malignant, which means cancerous, so I'll have to have it removed.

How do you write a sentence using the word malignant?

My grandmother had a tumor removed for a biopsy. Fortunately, it was not malignant! (Meaning it was not cancerous)