Use occult in a sentence

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He dabbled in the occult.

she had an occult tumor.

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Q: Use occult in a sentence
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What is sentence using the word occult?

The murderer was an occult worshipper.Horoscopes are entertainment, not occult study.

How would you use occult in a sentence?

Typically followed by a "the" or "an."as in:David Koresh was the leader of an occult known as the branch dividians.Mary had an easily suggestible nature, falling prey to the occult at a young age.

How do you use occult in a sentence?

As a noun: Freedom of religion includes a person's right to believe in the occult if they wish. As a verb: Their power was occult and the public was not aware of it. As an adjective: Margie should spend less time with occult literature and more time with history.

Occult in a sentence?

Much of his talk about the occult seems grounded in nothing but trick photography and folklore.

How do you use the word occult in a sentence?

Occult comes from the latin meaning "hidden" and can be used as both an adjective or a noun. One usually referrs to "occult wisdom" or "occult arts" but it is equally valid to say "the occult" in reference to any practice of alternative spirituality (including tarot, crystals, chakras, qabalah, numerology, astrology and so on).Not believing in the occult, he scoffed at the idea of evil spells and magic.There were many occult rituals performed by the native tribes of central Africa.

What do alchemy spirituality occult and cosmology all have in common?

Alchemy, spirituality, occult, and cosmology all use the symbol "All-Seeing Eye."

What does occult mean?

Occult means "things that are hidden." (My socks are often hidden.....very occult)

How can you use occult to get money?

We can not recommend using occult for clearly dishonest purposes, however you could learn in advance which horse will win the next big race and put your money on it.

What is Difference between occult and horror fiction?

Horror fiction scares you... Occult fiction involves the paranormal or satanism. Horror might involve occult subjects, and Occult might scare you... so there is a lot of crossover. But that is the difference. There are Horror books that are definitely not occult and Occult books that are not horror. To read more about Occult and see more of the difference, please see the wikipedia page:

When did The Occult Review end?

The Occult Review ended in 1951.

When was Occult Reich created?

Occult Reich was created in 1974.

When was Occult Medicine created?

Occult Medicine was created in 2004.

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