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Example sentence: This April Alabama was devastated by a series of powerful tornadoes.

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Q: How do you use tornadoes in a sentence?
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Use tornadoes in a compound sentence?

Example: The tornadoes damaged many homes, but nobody was hurt.

What are the nouns in this sentence Tornadoes are wicked storms?

The nouns are "tornadoes" and "storms"

What is the proper noun in this sentence Tornadoes are wicked storms?

There is no proper noun. Both nouns in the sentence ("tornadoes" and "storms") are common nouns.

Can you make a sentence out of tornadoes and echoes?

Hook echoes in a radar image are a sign of possible tornadoes.

What is a sentence with the word tornadoes?

After the the tornadoes hit our area, all the buildings have been smashed into tiny pieces like scattered puzzles.

Is it possible to use tornadoes as a source of energy?

No. Tornadoes are too rare and too hard to predict for us to use them as an energy source.

What is a complex sentence about tornadoes?

We packed the car and ran away before the tornado came.

Does tornadoes use air pressure?

Yes they do

What instrument do they use for a tornado?

how big are tornadoes

What should you use to protect against tornadoes?

Use a storm cellar.

What technology do meteorogists use to monitor tornadoes?

The most important tool in monitoring tornadoes is Doppler radar, which can detect tornadoes and the rotation that can cause them. They also use modern communication systems, which allows people to quickly relay eyewitness reports.

Is some people chase tornadoes past tense?

This sentence is present tense. The verb - chase - is present.Chasedis past. To make this sentence past change the verb to the past form:Some people chasedtornadoes.